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Still More Religious Bigotry by Atheists

Buon giorno. Atheists really wonder why they are the least-liked, least trusted group? Amazing, innit? Here are more examples of obnoxious atheists misbehaving like juvenile delinquents that are desperate for attention. When atheists get called on their petty tricks, they play the victim card. Agonizing. First, can you really believe that they are silly enough to think that we'll believe their story that this is an attempt to "increase communications"? Mislead me again, Marvin! "They say their ad is intended to spark dialogue with people of faith on the existence of God, but you don't draw people into conversation by poking fun of the beliefs," Glenn Stanton, director for Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, told The Christian Post. Read the rest of the story on the obnoxious atheist billboard here . Next: Here we go again! Atheists hate laws that protect anything that would allow Christian speech, it se

Book Review: The Influence

— Cowboy Bob Sorensen The front door sticks a bit. When opened, a sort of crackling or ripping noise happens suddenly, and is gone in less than a second. I am sitting in the living room chair, reading. Rrrippp! I was so absorbed by the book that I felt like I could have jumped over the chair... Buon giorno.  I am not exactly comfortable with doing book reviews, since I have done so few of them. Especially fiction. That may be to my advantage, however. I'll just be myself instead of using some kind of formula and say what I think, but not ruin the story for anyone, capice? This is the first ebook that I purchased. I was so certain that I was going to get the Kindle that I bought the e-book before I even owned the Kindle. Are you flattered, Mr. Slick? Yes, that's right, Rev. Matt Slick . The same guy that I talk about, link to and give you audio excerpts from is also an author. And yes, it's his real name (he learned that his ancestors had a longer version

Can't Talk About That Here

Buona sera.  It's been a while since I talked about my buddy Neil. Since he had some circumstances that fit in with what I've been talking about off and on the past few months, he's in the spotlight. Wave to the nice people, Neil. I'm telling your story. At the Big Soulless Corporation where he works, there was a kind of "meet and greet" for new employees. One of the higher-level managers facilitated the thing, made announcements, had people introduce themselves and so on. Some of the questions he asked made Neil a bit introspective. He went up to that manager later, after most of the crowd had dispersed, and said that he had changed a great deal over the past few years. "In what ways?", the manager asked. Neil mentioned that he liked reading apologetics and logic things (including mine). When asked, "What the hell is apologetics?", Neil told him that it was the defense and presentation of the Bible and Christian faith. "Oh