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It's a Morality Thing

I've been pondering this for quite some time, and some recent observations prompted me to write about it. Remember about a year ago when I wrote about The Arrogant Atheist? Yes, then I did some other stuff that was similar. I've noticed that atheism (and its kid brother, agnosticism) and liberalism go hand-in-hand. It appears that there is an elitist approach to atheism. Why would someone claim to be an atheist? I can think of several reasons, including: Upbringing and bad educational experiences Bad experiences in life Cultural influences Political and social environment Peer pressure, or the desire to please other people Disappointment based on bad experiences in life (i.e., expecting God to be a grand Santa Claus in the sky, giving you whatever you want, whenever you want it) Elitism Moral choices It's the last two parts that I want to touch on today. Please pay attention, 007! I am not going to say that all atheists are the same, and that my definitions