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Christmas Video: Brad Stine

Happy holidays! Yeah, right. Stores wouldn't be having "Black Friday", people wouldn't be getting festive, decorations would not be put up, no special music if it wasn't for Christmas! The secularists and atheopaths want to take it away from us under the pretense of "someone might be offended". Get real. Drop the politically correct nonsense. Here's an idea, if you want to be consistent: Never call another holiday by name again. Always say, "Happy holidays", whether people are celebrating Arbor Day, Martin Luther King Day, Independence Day, the Queen's Birthday, Foot Fungus Day or whatever you have. "Boss, are you being sarcastic?" Oh, Tommy the Knocker joins in! Say hi to Tommy, class! Heh, you should know better than anyone about my sarcasm, Tommy. Here, let's watch the comedy video that makes some great points :

Possibly a Troll Record!

This is amazing. Truly. A troll came along, wanting to be immortalized. He pretended to be Joe Intellectual, and showed himself both clueless and foolish. In the initial attack, he simply fired off several questions that he obviously did not wish to have answered. Atheopaths do not do their homework. His questions contained assertions and biases as well as outdated, faulty "science" . Also, this is a form of the fallacy of "elephant hurling". From there, he progressed to accusations. He did not answer the question. Here we have a personal attack and further faulty assertions. This one is simply precious: More assertions, a lie ("a couple of reasonable questions"), attempts to manipulate emotions, and a massive ego. Why are these people so narcissistic? It's amazing that they are not willing to do some research on any creationist positions , get up to speed on their own fundamentalist evolutionist dogma, or simply be qui etly sm