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Evolution, Scientific Inquiry and Liberals

The definition of hell is being condescended to by idiots. It will probably be MSNBC's Chris Matthews and Contessa Brewer sneering at you for all of eternity for not believing in evolution. Roughly one-third of my 2006 No. 1 New York Times best-seller, "Godless: The Church of Liberalism," is an attack on liberals' creation myth, Darwinian evolution. I presented the arguments of all the luminaries in the field, from the retarded Richard Dawkins to the brilliant Francis Crick, and disputed them. But apparently liberals didn't want to argue back. Despite Matthews' obsessive fixation on the topic, manifested by his constantly asking elected Republicans if they believe in evolution, in a one-hour interview with me on "Godless" -- the very book that is chockablock with attacks on Darwinism -- Matthews didn't ask me a single question about the subject. No liberal did. Matthews doesn't even know what evolution is. Read the rest of 

How Evolutionists Deal with Contrary Evidence

How Evolutionists Deal with Contrary Evidence Edited 10-09-2011 Also, a new version is available on video, here . Deny that contrary evidence even exists Refuse to see it Refuse to discuss it Refuse to listen to it Malign people who disbelieve at all costs, ignore basic reasoning skills Lie about people and organizations who disbelieve in evolution Use uninformed, undereducated thuggish disciples to patrol and attack people who disbelieve Use the media, especially social media Never allow the playing field to be level Keep insisting that evolution is a "fact", even though it is assumed through faith, not evidence (that's our little secret, Skippy) Pretend to be totally objective and unbiased, despite the fact that this goes against human nature Demand that disbelievers have all knowledge of all sciences Appeal to the "might makes right" fallacy of "most scientists believe in evolution" to establish "truth" Commit tu q

Logic Lessons: Intermezzo

Buona sera.  I think we should — "Wait, what's an intermezzo , Cowboy Bob?"   I dunno, Nicky. I think it's that little floor-between-floors in a building. Go ask Ernie the Gambler, he gets around.   As I was saying, I think we should pull back the throttle on the Fallacies Express for a moment. Although I like learning about them as well as writing them up, there are so many logical fallacies, variations, blendings and so forth that the series will go on far too long. I have a few more in mind that I really need to write about, and then I may put a halt to them. From there, I think I will do a kind of summary explaining the bigger aspects. That is, logical fallacies get categorized and sub-categorized, even overlapping. I see some greater principles at work that these sub-categories represent. Also, I have learned that sometimes something will seem  to be a fallacy, but is actually quite valid. For instance, something may resemble an Appeal

Islamic Bias in Our Schools

The subject of Islam in America is front and center with Rep. Peter King's hearings in Washington, D.C., on radical Muslims in the United States. While acknowledging that the vast majority of American Muslims are law-abiding, patriotic citizens, King pointed to a Pew poll which reported that 15 percent of Muslim American men between the ages of 18 and 29 could support suicide bombings. "There are realities we can't ignore," said King. When it comes to how Islam is taught in our nation's public schools, I echo King's admonition - there are realities we can't ignore.   Islam in Textbooks This past fall, the Texas State Board of Education passed a resolution against "Pro-Islamic/Anti-Christian Bias" in textbooks.  Read the rest of " Islam in Our Schools" here .

Proof of Evolution: Hair

Uncle Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Edvard Grieg, Ludwig van Beethoven (Click for larger size) Obviously, this is not a coincidence! They must have evolved from a common ancestor, since they all have adventurous follicles. And now, for your dining and dancing pleasure:

Atheist "Morality" Video - Having it Both Ways


Where Did Modern Science Originate?

Modern science would not have come very far without Christians. I know it goes against everything that propagandists want you to believe, but it is true. Read "The Christian Foundation of Modern Science" here .