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Spirit of Delusion

Have you ever wondered why so many people have no respect whatsoever for the Bible? Even if they do not believe it, they disregard the secular validation of its historical narratives, the stark rendering of the failings as well as the accomplishments of God's people, the poetry of the Psalms and so forth. As far as not believing it, I know that on a spiritual level, they cannot understand it (I Cor. 2.14). But the other stuff? John MacArthur was reading something from Jonathan Edwards (no, the great preacher, not the nutty philanderer that wants to be president) that caught my attention. It looks like he nailed it: The devil never would attempt to beget in persons a regard to the divine Word. A spirit of delusion will not incline persons to seek direction at the mouth of God. “To the law and to the testimony!” (Isa. 8:20) is never the cry of evil spirits who have no light in them. On the contrary, it is God’s own direction to discover their delusions. Would the spirit of error,

Taking a Stand

Sure, so many people like to complain about their troubles and "persecutions". But how many have actually been tortured because they dared to take a stand for the truth? Richard Wurmbrand took a stand for Jesus thirty years ago, when Romania was still a communist country. Here is a free book: Click here to order a copy (USA only). Other countries can try It can be purchased outright, but I saw "other sellers" starting at one cent. You can also see videos presented by Wurmbrand's ministry, "Voice of the Martyrs", on YouTube.

Why I Cannot Trust Atheists Part 2

Welcome to the exciting conclusion! I strongly recommend that you read Part 1 here before reading this. Just don't be like those who are afraid of the truth , and only spend about a minute there. I have to start this section with an admission of error. When I said that the atheists that I knew when I was younger were more "live and let live", that was mostly true. However, I must not have circulated in the right circles, because arrogant militant atheism has been around for quite a long time. My perceptions were incomplete. Part of the difference is the Internet. In my last installment, I said that today's atheists are cowards because they can hide their obnoxious selves behind anonymity, and say things online that they would not have the guts to say in person. That is probably what I dealt with in the past, that those atheists most showed some amount of civility and did not try to cram their anti-religion down my throat. Oh, that's right. Atheists den