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Another Wicked Atheist Meme Refuted

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Atheists are mighty fond of making "memes" to ridicule Christians and biblical creationists, receiving praise from their pestiferous comrades. While claiming to believe in reason, these things are usually straw men. Add to this the extrapolation fallacy , and thinking people should reject these out of hand. Modified angry monkey image from Freeimages by  Nico van Geldere The extrapolation fallacy is also prominent among advocates of fish-to-fool evolution (see " The Extrapolation Fallacy in Evolutionary Storytelling "). Atheopaths not only make "memes" that can be refuted , but they use the extrapolation fallacy in posts on their social media. The exception is used as the rule. For example, there are instances of when someone in a religious cult refuses a vaccination or other medical treatment for a child who tragically dies. This means all "religion" is bad according to such posts. No, it means there is somethin