September 3, 2016

The Androids of Washington

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

In 1978, the Doctor Who series had an episode called "The Androids of Tara", which was a tribute of sorts to The Prisoner of Zenda. One of my favorites, and I believe Tom Baker did substantial script editing. There's a whole heap of intrigue, identity swapping — and obtaining The Doctor's help to repair an android that will fill in for the ailing prince who will become king. Apparently, the planet has a passel of androids.

There have been numerous concerns raised about Hillary Clinton's health, and if she'd be physically fit to be the American President. (Intellectually, morally, spiritually, no she's not fit, but sheeple want her, and I believe this country is under God's judgement, so we may very well get her.) Shrillary is reported to talk to the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt (no, Eleanor isn't doing any talking, that's a far different spirit Clinton's talking to), but the Democrats try to dress this story up in Sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes by saying it was all pretend and therapeutic. Meadow muffins.

John F. Kennedy had medical problems that he kept secret. Seriously, if someone has such serious problems and still pursues high political offices, is that person fit to be in leadership? Well, Democrats have shown to us that character does not matter. Just ask the women Bill Clinton has assaulted and taken advantage of.

Oh, did I wander off from the trail again? I'll come back now.

Eleanor Roosevelt was influential during her husband Franklin's presidency. Hillary may have serious medical issues that would preclude her proper function in office. So what? She gets elected, a puppet or android takes her place, Bill Clinton controls the falsehood, and he is the actual president — again!

Yes, I'm using hyperbole. I doubt that the technology exists to make Android Hillary, but in this age of deception, is it unthinkable that we could have a President that doesn't really exist?

Let's run with an image: President Hillary isn't really there, but only an image. The real leader is behind the scenes. Is this impossible?
Derived from an image by DrSJS at Pixabay

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