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Atheist Standards of Morality - Part 2

Buona sera. In the first installment of this "series" (which may end after Part 3 ), I used an excerpt from Greg Koulk's "Stand to Reason" radio show/podcast. He was discussing with a caller certain logic fallacies of atheists, and I pointed out that these matched my own experiences fairly well. Now, I am going to expand on that with an excerpt from "Faith and Reason" with Matt Slick. This excerpt is heavily edited. Well, my parts are. I made some attempts at humor, did some "ummm" things and had some other false starts. Those are distracting, so I edited myself, capice? Matt's comments are intact, however. But since some petty trolls think that all Christians are liars, you can check the source material for yourself here . If your time is valuable and you want the essence of the conversation, it is below and runs for less than 7-1/2 minutes: By the way, the challenge is still open for atheists who want to call in. He gets calls

A Bit of Perspective

"I been hit, and I been down — but I never carried my cross through town!" — Resurrection Band So how was your day? Let's rock! If I pay, will you take me away, prove your worth to me? We've been lied to before - how can we be sure? What if... what if it hurts to believe? Oh, anyway, open up your door... Open up the door and I'm coming in. I know I'm tired of following sin! I want to give myself to you, Jesus. But I got some problems I want to talk to you about now... Oh, Lightshine! I been hit and I been down, but I never carried my cross through town! I don't understand it, oh, and I might not be willing to learn. Tell me, why did you come, And why were born where the dogs eat dog, and the pigs get all the corn? Oh, Lightshine, will you be mine? Do you understand where I've been? Twilight carries into night, If I go there, will you follow me in? What does it mean for a rebel to dream? I'm a gambler - how can I win? Am I in danger? Don&#

Sock Puppet — A Confession

Buona sera. Almost from my first day on the Internet (back when we used carrier pigeons, wires and tin cans), people have been bandying about the term " sock puppet ". It's a fake online persona (not to be confused with a pseudonym, such as "Stormbringer" or "Cowboy Bob"), generally used for deception. I get accused of having sock puppet accounts. Also, I have seen other people accused of the same "crime". The most outrageous accusation in this area is that I made up people who hate me , so I can have someone to fight with, which would include making up entire Websites and Weblogs. Also, on more than one occasion, I would have to create entire sites for people who agree with me on more than one occasion. (People so desperate to attack are downright sick in the head, I promise you.) Mind you, there were times I went to a Weblog and read comments that I wrote but did not recognize ("I wrote that? Hey, that's pretty good!&quo

Presupposing that Miracles Cannot Happen

From Apologetics 315.  There are some interesting comments about Hume's work and circular reasoning. The Question of Miracles: Interview with Craig Keener. Click here for the rest .

The Workplace Computer

I had a co-worker take the picture with my camera phone, after making certain that there was no confidential information showing. Pointing at something was the least ridiculous way that I could show off the stretch bandage (which I expect to be able to ditch tomorrow): Now if you'll excuse me, lunch break is over.