April 15, 2011

Sock Puppet — A Confession

Buona sera. Almost from my first day on the Internet (back when we used carrier pigeons, wires and tin cans), people have been bandying about the term "sock puppet". It's a fake online persona (not to be confused with a pseudonym, such as "Stormbringer" or "Cowboy Bob"), generally used for deception.

I get accused of having sock puppet accounts. Also, I have seen other people accused of the same "crime". The most outrageous accusation in this area is that I made up people who hate me, so I can have someone to fight with, which would include making up entire Websites and Weblogs.

Also, on more than one occasion, I would have to create entire sites for people who agree with me on more than one occasion. (People so desperate to attack are downright sick in the head, I promise you.) Mind you, there were times I went to a Weblog and read comments that I wrote but did not recognize ("I wrote that? Hey, that's pretty good!"), as well as reading comments that sounded just like me. Perhaps I posted in my sleep? Nah. 

The criteria people use for accusing me of having a sock puppet account? Similarity of "speech" patterns.

In addition, if someone agrees with or compliments me, it must be me using a fake account; if I receive a comment that agrees with my post, I have been accused of creating the identity for that purpose. Duh! As if it's impossible for someone to actually agree with me. People are so blinded by hate, they want to believe that everyone agrees with them in their belief that the object of their hate must be eradicated. They show their own blithering idiocy by doing this.

Anyway, I figured that I was missing out on some fun. So, I made up a sock puppet that is not linked to me in any way (like my other pseudonyms). This account is "independent". I call it Mr. Stupnya. But I do not understand the popularity of sock puppet accounts, because they make it so difficult to type:

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