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Areas that Atheists Are Right

Edited for wording and clarity. "I might believe in the Redeemer if His followers looked more Redeemed." — Fredrick Nietzsche Most of the time, my dealings with atheists are filled with their wild-eyed rants, insults, putting words in the mouths of others, outright slander, profanity, aloofness and other things in their efforts to dodge the truth. (After all, I can prove something until I'm blue in the nose, but that doesn't mean they will be persuaded.) No, we can offer things, but when it comes to actually accepting and believing, "Ya gotta wanna". Otherwise, they pretend to elevate reason and logic, but fail miserably. Here's a hint: put on your big boy pants and deal with the subject instead of railing, mmmmkay? One dodge that they use is to attack Christians. The problem is, some of these attacks are accurate observations. "Why are there so many denominations?" Because we're people, not androids. The

Fear of State Religion

I want to leave these things alone, but I keep getting involved — and having a perverse joy with it. Why aren't the few thoughtful atheists and agnostics embarrassed by the actions of the vast majority of arrogant atheists? I have to talk to and about that bigger group, and the more civil "live and let live" atheists think I'm going after them as well. But the majority of the time, the atheists are rude weasels begging for a good slapping down. If you're a "good" atheist, then duck! Funny how there are atheists on Twitter, Facebook, forums, "boards" and such that put "atheist" in their names. It puzzles me that someone would want to have their entire online identity (or possibly every aspect of their personhood as well) wrapped up in something so hostile, negative and antagonistic. But anyway, it helps me identify my opponents. (One actually goes by the name "gaytheist". Wow. Provoke much, Bubbles?) If you read their postin


Buon giorno. First of all, I want to mention how I fouled up the other day. Whenever I make a posting, it gets announced via Twitter and also put on Facebook. Aside from the automatic thing, I will help it along and give it some extra wording to make the announcement sensible. Well, the announcements went out, and then I began tinkering with the layout here. I thought I had things cleared up, but a couple of atheists jumped on the blog posting that appeared on top of mine. They made comments on Twitter that caused me to go, "Huh?" But they were so determined to find something to cry and badger me about that they did not read my own material (most of them did not spend any time on this Weblog at all.) Only one guy did keep going and read my work, the one that asked me for a clarification on something. That just reinforces my belief that atheists do not want to deal with opposing points of view, they are more interested in throwing stones. After all, when all they read was a