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Science Faces Reality of Genders

There are people who appeal to science as an authority on what they want to hear. The secular science industry has   become increasingly leftist in recent years  (which probably frustrates scientists who want to do actual science without dealing with political agendas). It is still a scientific fact there are only two sexes. Basic biology is not changed  have so-called gender reassignment surgery. Despite a few abnormalities that actually prove the rule,  you cannot change the sex God gave you . Credit: Unsplash /  Jose Chomali When I was doing medical data entry, claim forms had check boxes for male and female. That's it. Nor was there anyplace to note how someone felt that day. It's not just the obvious physical differences, but body chemistry as well. Some medications and treatments for men may react quite differently for women. There are individuals who develop psychological issues lumped as “gender dysphoria” for various reasons, often due to faulty relationships in childh