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More Steps Toward a Police State

Edited 9-28-2012 Hatetheists will naturally laugh at the title and this article (even to the point of disagreeing with me for its own sake). Some people are too young, uninformed and/or looking for excuses to hate to be aware of what has happened in the not-too-distant past. Totalitarianism is not normally something that happens quickly. The erosion of liberties takes place gradually, and when tyrants rule, cowed people wonder what happened. One advantage of having free speech is the ability to sound the alarm. While we still can. The nonsense of politically correct speech is increasing. It is an excuse to stifle free speech. I was watching some comedy shows on some of those increasingly popular rerun channels. There were jokes in them that were innocuous for their time, and would be harmless today. But they could not be done on modern TV shows because professional racists like Al Unsharpton would be organizing protests in front of the network's headquarters. People live i

Book Review of "Evolution Impossible"

My review of Evolution Impossible  by Dr. John F. Ashton is here.