September 27, 2012

More Steps Toward a Police State

Edited 9-28-2012

Hatetheists will naturally laugh at the title and this article (even to the point of disagreeing with me for its own sake). Some people are too young, uninformed and/or looking for excuses to hate to be aware of what has happened in the not-too-distant past. Totalitarianism is not normally something that happens quickly. The erosion of liberties takes place gradually, and when tyrants rule, cowed people wonder what happened.

One advantage of having free speech is the ability to sound the alarm. While we still can.

The nonsense of politically correct speech is increasing. It is an excuse to stifle free speech. I was watching some comedy shows on some of those increasingly popular rerun channels. There were jokes in them that were innocuous for their time, and would be harmless today. But they could not be done on modern TV shows because professional racists like Al Unsharpton would be organizing protests in front of the network's headquarters. People live in fear. Part of the problem is judicial activism, where common sense is thrown out the window and astonishingly bad rulings take place (such as ruling in favor of petty, tyrannical, contemptible atheopaths, for instance). The tiny minority bullies the majority. And they are not even being harmed in any way, but cry that they are being discriminated against. Atheists are such bigots.

Comedian Brad Stine pointed out that people will use the "I'm offended!" line as leverage to shut people up. OK... He said, "Know what offends me? Offended people!" Ha!

Here's something that is jaw-droppingly stupid. The ACLU sued (and won!) to get Father-Daughter and Mother-Son activites banned in Rhode Island. What, are you nuts? One lone crybaby ruins things for everyone else. And it wasn't laughed out of the courtroom? Wow.

B. Hussein Obama made rhetoric about not tolerating the slander of Mohammed. Sure, that closet Mohammedan is only giving minimal lip service to standing up for Christianity, but his actions and other words tell another story. Yes, we mustn't offend the people who execute rape victims, blow up buildings, beat women, behead people who disagree with them — that wouldn't be proper.

How about France? I really don't know what happened to that country. Great artists, scientists, theologians and other good folks came from there. Eventually, they turned into money-grubbing, untrustworthy socialists and went downhill, I suppose. Rampant political correctness and coddling has actually led to the government officially (brace yourselves) ban the use of the words "father" and "mother" in official documents! It's part of the plan to legalize homosexual "marriage". Agonizing, all these efforts to redefine marriage and destroy the family unit. Marriage has always been a man and a woman, and it has worked that way for millennia. Now it has to be changed for a tiny minority.

The common thread I see here is that sensibilities and reason are being sacrificed to cater to hatred of God and his Word. Think about it. Until the thought police put a stop to that, too.

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