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Separation of Mosque and State

Buona sera. OK, clever ones, tell me something. Why is it that we get uppity atheists and snotty "progressives" crying about the "separation of church and state" at the drop of a hat? It's almost at joke status: A rabbi, a priest and a Baptist pastor walked onto City Hall property. An atheist went crying to the ACLU, who promptly filed for an injunction, etc. "Sensitivity" and "political correctness" are absurdly think disguises in efforts to criminalize Christianity and, to some extent, Judaism. (Of course, the Jews have a few thousand years' head start being experienced in persecution before Christians started getting hammered, so they're more used to it. I'm being facetious, you know.) In a broader sense, "political correctness" is an effort to stifle free speech and to dodge productive discussion of important issues. And to squelch values, of course. Then you get sarcastic types like me that don't give a rat&#

Can Muslims be Good American Citizens?

Buon giorno. I received this in my e-mail a while ago, and have decided to use it now. You may have seen it, or even had it forwarded to you because it's been around for a few years. I've seen it (and its writer) attacked by liberals, progressives, anti-theists and others that are politically correct, intellectually castrated; these types dodge important dialogue by labeling someone as a "hater" or "racist" (I railed on "racism" in my previous post). You know the type: Peace, touchie-feely love and grooviness for all — unless you believe differently than their nebulous blather requires. Then their idea of "tolerance" shows its true ugly self, that we have to tolerate all views except Judeo-Christian and/or Conservative values. But I digress. Again. Yes, I like to digress on occasion. Here is a version of the piece that I received. Afterward, I will have some of my typically insightful comments for your enlightenment. Can a