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April 16, 2018

Zuckerberg, Hate Speech, and Congress

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Mr. Markie Goes to Congress

As you probably know, Facebook is having some difficulties. Because of the data scandals, their stock is plummeting, and people are quitting it — including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Do some searching for "reasons to quit Facebook", and you'll see that warnings are not only sounding now, but have been for years.

He offered his standard apology, but people are not expecting much. It didn't mean much before, after all.


Mark Zuckerberg had himself a little discussion with the US House and Senate. It's not just about selling information, but about discrimination, censorship, and hate speech. Fazebook has a reputation for allowing terrorist speech (here is one report), then they get on the prod and slap down non-leftists (here is an example, his campaign was "shocking and offensive"). Two black women (I know they're two black women, they keep telling us this) who go by the name of Diamond and Silk, had their Page taken down. There was a great deal of publicity, and it is back up now. Just a coincidence? No, I don't think so.

Zuckerberg said that hate speech is "linguistically nuanced". Sounds like a four-bit term, but it actually has no meaning. My take on it is that this term is like "hate speech", vague and to be manipulated for someone's convenience. In Facebook's case, censoring Christians, Israelis, and non-leftists.

Interesting that Bookface is selling information, but is not all that concerned with fake names. I've reported obviously false information, such as some jasper that had a profile icon and name that sounded like he was out of the killer robot from outer space franchise. Others were equally outrageous, even deliberately offensive to Christians and creationists. Same old story:
Thanks for your report - you did the right thing by letting us know about this. We looked over the profile you reported, and though it doesn't go against one of our specific Community Standards, we understand that the profile or something they shared may still be offensive to you. We want to help you avoid things you don't want to see on Facebook.
And so on. I have also reported hardcore sex video clips, hate speech, and more. Bookface allows stuff that decent people abhor, but hypocritically bridles or bans decent people. Facebook is run by leftists, which is well known.

You know that raid on Trump's lawyer (violating attorney-client privilege)? Maybe they could have saved time by asking Markie.

I Have a Fake Name...

...and my real one (which you won't find). There is a very long story, but I'll have to tell some of it. In the midst of using the service, I was suddenly shut down. (No prior disciplinary actions against me, either, so it's not like I made one too many bad moves.) I had to prove I was old enough! What brought this on, I had no idea at the time. After showing my ID, I was still shut down. Why? They can't tell me "for security reasons". After testing with other names and where I used them (such as commenting in a certain atheopath group), I reluctantly agreed with the assessment of others: one or more angry atheists who is in power (or has friends in power) on Fazebook wanted me silenced. That's what they do when they cannot deal with logic. However, I kept The Question Evolution Project going. Atoms-to-atheopath evolution is foundational to atheism, you know.

Slapped Down for Alleged Hate Speech

On Sunday, January 21, 2018, I was logged out of Facebook by the Powers That Be. Seems that something posted at The Question Evolution Project was deemed "hate speech", and removed. It was a repost of an article called "Stopped in Time: Another Atheist Killing Spree". Let's take a gander at the notice:

Used according to  federal copyright law, Fair Use doctrine, for educational purposes (click for full size)
Let's see now... checking their rules, was it about...
  • Race? No.
  • Ethnicity? Not unless "atheist" is an ethnicity, so, no.
  • Sexual orientation? No.
  • Gender? No.
  • Disability? Aside from mental and spiritual disabilities, no.
  • Religious affiliation? Waitaminnit.
Your typical village atheist claims that atheism is a "lack of belief" in God, spirits, and the like, and not a religion, but that's all we have left. So, Fazebook is declaring atheism as a religion! Actually, despite the denials of adherents, atheism most definitely is a religion. But Bookface is unlikely to know that.

The atheopath who reported my "hate speech" later bragged about it, and blamed me that his own anti-Christian, anti-creationist Page was removed. I don't have that power, and he has done quite a few things to upset many people. 

Facebook's Future Relevance

When I responded to their replies of, "Nuh uh, nothing wrong with that obviously fake name or with the blatant anti-Christian obscenities you reported", I told them that they are not too big to fail. Facebook could become as relevant tomorrow as MySpace is today. People are leaving Fazebook for alternatives, or even nothing at all. 

I have no idea how many warnings from people and even the law that Zuckerberg and his ilk are going to ignore. If they change their ways, there is a chance to salvage Facebook. But I think the damage has been done, and they are spiraling downward.

Below is a video by Chris Plante, syndicated talk show host out of WMAL. He's my favorite commentator. This was edited for the main parts. (If you want the fun and information from the original three-hour show, complete with news and commercials, click here.) I respect Chris. I do not respect Zuckerberg or Facebook a whole lot.

May 16, 2014

Free Speech, Censorship, the Internet, You and the Bad Guy

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 
Edited January 28, 2017
Sometimes I am the bad guy when it comes to matters of "free speech" and "censorship". People often talk about them, but they often use those terms in the heat of anger or to emotionally manipulate others. In reality, there is no absolutely free speech, and censorship can be helpful — and censorship is more common than you may think.

Free Speech
Someone may say that they have a "right" to free speech, but where did they get that right? Here in the United States, we have documents from our founders that guarantee it. Some countries have almost no free speech. Even here where it is treasured, there are limitations. Municipalities have statutes in place making certain speech unlawful; the community has the right to set its standards, after all (as long as it does not engage in illegal "hard" censorship). We have the right to criticize the government. However, we do not have the right to cause harm to others through defamation, inciting violence, and so on. You can say, "That guy's stupid", and your remark will probably be put aside as an insulting outburst. Attacking character, calling someone a liar, actively trying to harm that person — if you cannot back up what you say or write about someone, you are abusing free speech and may be subject to legal action. Similarly, the old adage of, "You cannot shout 'fire' in a crowded theater" applies, as such an action can cause panic, injury and death. Many more examples exist, but you get the point: There are exceptions to free speech, even in countries that guarantee it.

Many people applaud the Internet because people can have their say with fewer restrictions. However, if you join a forum, sign up for Web space, start a Weblog, join some other online service, there are restrictions in place. These are often based on the laws of the countries where the host is based, but there are also agreements with certain basic standards (even Facebook will occasionally enforce some of those, but they are notorious for double standards). Read the Terms of Service for many of the online products and you'll see that you cannot defame people, post child porn, infringe on copyright, use "hate speech" (against ethnicity, gender, religion and so on) and many other restrictions. If someone wants to violate these things, they can lose the privilege of using that service and risk possible prosecution. So, even on the Web, there is no absolutely free speech.

Unpopular Opinion Puffin censorship necessary

When discussing censorship, the first thought that many people have is about governments. During wartime, mail to and from hostile countries went through a censor's office before being delivered to the recipient. There is censorship to protect military secrets from other countries. Certain other speech (like sedition) is censored, as are many forms of pornography.

People will self-censor every day. A guy may want to say, "Hey girl, your dress looks like a potato sack", but will say something else or even keep his remarks to himself. A co-worker says something bad about the boss, and the other co-worker refrains from agreeing or adding additional statements. Spouses find better ways to say something or not say it at all.

Web Services
On the Web, your host can remove your content or even suspend your account for violation of the rules. Leaving comments, making posts, writing articles that are against the rules (or against laws) can result in removal from a service.

It is ironic that Facebook and others will censor many Christians, Conservatives and creationists, but allow obscene hate speech by by atheists, leftists and evolutionists. That's right, Skippy, we get censored. Quite a bit, in fact. Many of us expect to wake up some morning and find that our material has been removed by leftists and misotheists.

Evolutionary Truth by Piltdown Superman
"Censored" stamp art originally from

Where are the Rights?
On the Web, some people demand the "right" to "free speech". In actuality, they want to be able to say what they want, wherever they want, without restrictions. If someone bans a user or removes a comment, he or she is often accused of "censorship". Although it is an emotionally-laden buzzword that is often thrown out almost reflexively, there are times that there is truth to the accusation. When Dr. Georgia Purdom and Dr. David Menton made a response video to Bill Nye the Propaganda Guy, Dr. Purdom's Facebook Page was loaded with vile, hateful comments. Many people were angry because those comments were deleted and people were banned. She was called a "coward" for not allowing atheopaths to turn her Facebook Page into their a latrine. I recommend that you read "Am I a Coward?" for her insightful response to this. Was it censorship? Seems to be. Was it the right thing to do? You betcha! Did they lose their rights? Not hardly.

Most of this stuff happens from militant atheists who have no respect (indeed, they have contempt) for the rights, sensibilities, views and expression of others. I believe that they want to silence the opposition (those of us who present the gospel, and especially those who spread the truth that evolution is false and that God is the Creator to whom we are accountable). One way to silence us is to shout us down or intimidate us. Want to comment? I moderate those. Want to send me an e-mail? If you're obnoxious, you'll be blocked. You do not have the right to inflict your viewpoints on people who do not want them. I know of some organizations that refuse to deal with some people because of their obstreperous comments.

What Does it Mean to You?
Manipulators will insist that they have the "right" to leave comments of any kind, and if you do not allow them, you are a "coward", you are suppressing their "free speech" and engaging in "censorship". Many sites, Pages, Weblogs and so on do not allow comments at all, or restrict them — note the blatant hypocrisy of atheopath tinhorns that complain about sites that moderate or disallow comments, but not a peep about many sites, such as Popular Science, that have removed commenting altogether. Why should we subject ourselves to bigotry, hate speech, libel, tantrums and simply bad behavior? They are not being denied free speech because they can join bigoted forums, write their own Weblogs, and they can find other venues to express themselves. These complainers have no justification, and they still have their rights — but they were never given the right to post material on our sites and so forth, no matter what they assert. The painful truth for them is that you do not have to give narcissistic bullies a platform.

This means that you and I are not guaranteed free speech, nor will we escape censorship, even online. We do not have any right to say whatever we want, wherever and whenever. To some people, this makes me the bad guy. So say goodnight to the bad guy!

January 4, 2013

Liars, Libelers and Censors, OH MY!

Excuse me while I think out loud. There are some things I've heard, and observations I've made, that need to be put together.

There are some people in the music industry that will have outrageous and often obscene lyrics. These are often accompanied by antics on stage that sensible people don't want their kids to see. When it was suggested that warning labels should be put on certain recordings, some recording artists howled about "censorship" (even though they still record the same nasty lyrics). Sometimes, they would go on crusades against "censorship". 

Chris Plante was commenting on how those on the left have disdain for people who think differently from them, think those people should be controlled, and that they're the ones to do it.

I've noticed the same thing about many modern atheists. They are very controlling, and want to usher Stalin's vision of a secular state through any means possible. Although these atheopaths are held in contempt by most of civilization and their numbers are dwindling, they are shrill and furious. Not intellectually fast, just furious.

They assume that they have the "right" to turn every inch of the Internet into their litter box. When they are denied the rights that they never really had, they use all sorts of emotional buzz words in their manipulative attempts to get their way. Cries of "Liar! Censorship! Coward! I'm smarter than you!" and childish insults are expected. And we are not disappointed, because people like that are so predictable.

Text from actual response to libelous hit piece about me
This also illustrates their hypocrisy. They scream about their imagined "rights", but have nothing but contempt for the actual rights of others. Misotheists want to control people, and hate our rights to have freedom of speech and freedom of thought, or even to be left alone. When we tell the truth about their intellectual and moral failings, when we show the flaws in evolutionism, we are called "liars" and "censors". In doing this, they show their inability to grasp morality, honesty, integrity, science, logic or anything of importance. And we know full well that they are the censors.

By attacking us, they show their own failings and gain further contempt from sensible people. How good is that?

One thing that the aforementioned "musicians" have in common with the atheopaths (well, two things, if you count that both are usually leftists) is the unwillingness to grasp the fact that people have the right to set standards. You cannot threaten to kill someone, you cannot fornicate in the street in most places, you cannot shoot at the Kingston Police Department building, you cannot shout "Fire!" in a crowded cinema, and so on. If what some people want to do is unwanted or unfit by the people, they should seriously think about obeying the laws and respecting the rights of others. While some of us have rights, that is.

And people like that are wanting to remove our rights through bullying, force, activist judges and so on. (At least, misotheists are not in political power yet, and they cannot tax us.) After all, modern Internet atheists and pr0n merchant "musicians" have no respect for the majority who have differing views. Because those of us who actually think for ourselves are dangerous to them.

June 9, 2008

Obnoxious Fox

Buon giorno. You're traveling through a realm of annoyance. It is a realm that lies at the summit of man's irritation or the pit of his tolerance. It is a journey through a land of both ego and pride, of stupidity and ignorance. Arrogance is paramount. Introspection is rare. There's a signpost up ahead. Your next stop: The Obnoxious Zone.

OK, enough of the bad Twilight Zone introduction re-write. But I had to blow off some steam. Very rough weekend, especially with the brutal heatwave. Tommy the Knocker has put dry ice in front of his fan, it's so bad. Maybe if it didn't hit six weeks before the usual time, it would be easier to tolerate.

Yours truly has had to do some self-examination. Do I trash something that I like because of the people associated with it? That's what it comes down to. You see, I'm more than fed up with the "Spread Firefox" community. Basically, it's full of virgin geeks doing their "Yeah! Firefox rocks, dude!" rhetoric. And those kinds of cheer leading squads do not accept anything less than total agreement and encouragement.

I was a member of that community, but various responses to questions that I had asked, and others had asked, were sorely lacking. Did you notice the lack of "Get Firefox" buttons to click? I took them down because I was so angry at that crowd. The final straw was when a post I had made there about being intrusive (and linking to this post) mysteriously disappeared. Not that there was anything wrong with it, they had it up for a month or so, but it vanished. And posts before and after it were still there. Can't stand for anything less than enthusiastic agreement, Fox Fans?

The anger was so intense that I was about to delete Firefox itself. That's when I had to remember to practice what I preach: the representatives of an organization, movement, religion or whatever do not necessarily mean that the thing is bad in and of itself. I know people who hate Christianity because of bad Christians. No, the Bible is true and Christ has risen. Joe Superchristian is a phony, sure. He's also human and makes mistakes. But that's no reason to disbelieve in God, for instance. And I had to remember that I like Firefox better than the alternatives, not to delete it because of its fan geeks.

Maybe some of them will see this post. But I hope that the problems that I illustrate here will help show examples of how not to act. The first lesson is that you won't learn much from people that agree with you! And cowardly deleting postings in a public forum that pretends to encourage discussion will not accomplish anything. Except, perhaps, of having people like me delete their accounts and ceasing to aggressively spread "the word".

By the way. Fans of the Opera browser have done some very sneaky and underhanded things to promote their favorite software. So don't you guys get all excited about this post. Your time may still come.

Now I'm going to comment on some of the "Quick Wins"  (this is gone after a site overhaul) that were posted (and my comments were deleted after a month, as I said before). There are some good ones in there, so I won't mention those. And this time, I'm not going to be as gentile as I was in their forum, because this is my Weblog. Capice?

Go to a local computer store such as Best Buy, CompUSA or Fry’s. Open Notepad on one of the display machines and leave a short advertisement for Firefox. Is it just me, or would that be annoying and make people unwilling to try Firefox?

Earn yourself 10 affiliate points today. Send a letter to your local or campus newspaper about Firefox. They've always been dodgy about how to get the points, who assigns them, or whatever. Besides, they're only for "bragging rights", and, therefore, worthless.

Leave a post-it note on the desk of a random person in your office that you don’t know that says “”. Don’t sign it. How tacky is this?

Leave a note in your mailbox telling your mailman about Firefox. Too bad people don't know that postal carriers are (theoretically) supposed to remove things from mailboxes that are not mail. Also, the carrier is there to deliver mail. I really don't think that she's all that interested in her next browser.

Eat out tonight. When you pay the bill, leave the waiter a monetary tip and a handwritten tip to the tune of “”. As above, the server isn't interested in Internet stuff. This one isn't quite as bad, especially if there is indeed a monetary tip involved.

Print out three copies of this Firefox datasheet and pin it to three bulletin boards in your town. Think: community centers, gyms, workplaces, Jamba Juice… Is that effective, or is it just littering? After all, again, you have to be selective in where you put things. You decide.

There is no urgency. Lives are not at stake. Firefox is a great browser and thrives on people spreading its word. I'll still do it, but I will no longer be involved in the Spread Firefox "community".

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to reorder my Stormbringer Productions brochures. You see I have to edit out that part about "member of Spread Firefox". Arrivederci.

Addendum 6-10-2008: There are some serious people at Spread Firefox that are trying to make that community thing work, and I have been contacted by a couple of them, assuring me that my posts have not been deleted or targeted. It's a bug in the system.

Addendum 6-15-2008: I'm certain that I've ruffled a few Firefox feathers. If this fox wants to be fair and balanced, fans should do a search in the box at the top of the page for my positive references to Firefox.

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