March 8, 2010

Was That an Angel?

Buon giorno. I want to tell you a story, and I want to refer to Joe Jackson's song, "Don't Wanna Be Like That". And once again, I'm bringing up a place where I used to work before I became rich, famous and successful.

This story is a spiritual story. It took place around 1985 or so. I was married at the time, and we were co-resident managers of a self-storage facility. One of the many duties that the bosses surprised us with was that we were to be collections agents after a fashion. Mostly, it was telephones and letters, and not with baseball bats. But it was still hard-hearted, "When do we get our money?" Sure, every business has a right to be paid. But these guys had no compassion.

This bothered me. I complained to my then-wife that I "don't wanna be like that", hard-hearted and worshiping money like the bosses. Back then, I was still in the habit of praying, and I let God know my feelings on this, too.

Then it got even more interesting for me.

Not long afterward, a woman came into the office needing a self-storage place. She needed something for just a day or so, and could not pay what is normally required: A full month's rental and a deposit equal to another month's rental. She was desperate, sobbing and so forth, and it got to me. Now, I am harder to deceive now than ever, and I was not easily fooled then, either. I figured she was sincere.

But I could get myself into a great deal of trouble if this backfired. What I did was give her one of our locks so we both had keys, and assigned a unit just outside the office. The truck she was waiting for would arrive much later. I took quite a few risks here, legal and employment-wise, but I just had to.

The next morning, I had to check the situation. There was no lock on the door, and there was nothing inside. Except for the lock. I never heard from that woman again.

Was this an angel? 

Real angels are not naked babies with wings or blonde Caucasian women like you see on posters and greeting cards. They are powerful spirit beings. Check out 2 Chronicles 32.10-21 for one example. Also, the Bible says that they are "messengers of God". Some lore depicts them as God's agents disguised as humans. I'm willing to believe that.

I told you that this was a spiritual story, so don't get cranky on me. The lesson that I received into my spirit was that God heard my prayer and sent an angel to me. Then he made certain that I knew that I could not become like the bosses. Even today (though my ex says otherwise), I do have a heart and compassion.

If there's something in this story for you, I do not know what it is. Maybe you can get something. Feel free to write a comment or use the link in the profile and send me an e-mail.

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