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Logic Lessons: Leftists, Atheists, Labels and Appeal to Emotion

Buon giorno.  This article has been buzzing around in my mind for quite some time, and I finally decided to put it down in pixels. But I do not wish to spend a great deal of time explaining the Appeal to Emotion because I am tired. There are certain aspects that I want to bring to your attention. Also note that this, like many other fallacies, is not simply cut-and-dried; it will often overlap with other fallacies, and sometimes it is difficult to spot at all. Other times, the appearance of a fallacy can be deceiving. For instance, when attempting to motivate people, showing a direct cause to what we want them to do will usually provoke an emotional response, and that can be valid. It is not evil manipulation or a fallacy. A good explanation of the Appeal to Emotion fallacy is here . What I want to discuss is how people will use this red herring to distract you from your discussion or objective with an irrelevant appeal to emotion. (After all, elections, various causes, arguments a

Greater Ambition to Question Evolution

Buon giorno. The "Question Evolution Day" project is now more ambitious. It is now " The Question Evolution Project ". Yes, we're still going to be heard on February 12 (Darwin's birthday), but the page at Piltdown Superman and the Facebook Page are resources to encourage and provide information for those of us who do not think according to the dictates of others. We think for ourselves, capice? I've got some bad news for you, Sunshine, evolution is a bad philosophy. And no, it's still not a place for atheists and evolutionists to badger creationists and ID proponents. Troublemakers get banned. Bwahahaha! Click for larger Basement Cat

Sorta Book Review: "Demonic" by Ann Coulter

"What possessed you to write about Demonic, Cowboy Bob?" Thanks a lot. That was supposed to be my joke. As I've said before, doing book reviews is not something that comes easily to me. But non-fiction is easier than fiction because I don't have to be concerned with messing up the plot for someone. This is a "sorta" book review because (a) I'm late, comparatively speaking, and there are plenty of other ones out there ( like so ), and (b) I'm going to add my own thoughts and experiences, things that Annie, My One True Love, may not have thought about. I have liked Ann Coulter's work for years. Even so, I do not agree with every stance she takes, and am not thrilled with each and every book. But this one, I am strongly recommending. As expected, the writing of Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America is typical of what I expect from Ann Coulter. She has humor, insight, extensive documentation to back up her claims (she gene