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Christians are BAD PEOPLE!

Today's article is quite timely. I mentioned Norman the paranoid troll in my last post, and he stepped up irrational, personal attacks. Yes, I like to provoke — for a reason: To show what is inside. It ain't purty. One of his favorite mantras is how Christians are awful people. (By the way, I mention Norman because of his breathtaking insanity, but he is far from being the only atheist that makes the "Christians are awful people" assertion.) I am not impressed by such an attack. Not only do these atheists expect Christians to meet their personal expectations, but when we fail (something that must happen because their "standards" are not only arbitrary, but can shift moment to moment), they can say, "See? Christians are bad. There is no God!" I believe it is a shallow cop-out, especially since atheists have no moral foundation; we cannot say, "You are a bad atheist ". No, this excuse is one-sided, cheap and convenient. But enough of my

Logic Lessons: Just the Facts

What do Anthony Weiner, my friend Neil, a KKK rally and Norman the Paranoid Troll all have in common? Insufficient Evidence . This article presents one difficulty for me: My sense of humor. People who know me are well aware of my fondness for plays on words, and I could have a field day with the current scandal of Anthony Weiner. It will be hard difficult, but I should be able to refrain from indulging in too many tacky puns. Also, I intend to stay on my topic without expressing my political opinions. The first part of this article could be outdated within hours, but the lesson for the moment is still valid. One thing that people just love to do is believe that they know (or pretend that they know) something when they do not have enough facts for an accurate judgment. Too often, these stem from an emotional basis or bias. From the information that I have right now, Anthony Weiner is accused of using his Twitter account to send a picture of his covered but dist

Atheistic Presuppositions 2: Material World Only

Evolutionary science of phrenology in action. In addition to the previous post on the flaws in some of the scientific "un" disciplines I offer further proof that not only is modern science not being honest with all the facts but they are purposely negating or ignoring entire aspects of the human experience to try and keep their flawed worldview intact. They are willfully ignoring things to maintain their myopic, categorized and nicely boxed-in reality. Read the rest of "Science is Restricted to the Material World" here .

Logic Lessons: Introduction

Buona sera. In the past, I have shown some horrible logical fallacies that I have endured. So, I've decided to use them to inform and edjamakate people.  To facilitate that metric (wait, I can't stand that expression) help achieve this goal (there, much better), I thought it would be good to show errors of logic. No, I am not into the "hardcore" stuff, with mathematics and such. Instead, this will be what real people use. Sometimes I will use the Latin terms, but not always. Some fallacies are blurred, combined and overlap, so I will simply describe what is happening and how to avoid being tricked. When you see these schemes and errors for what they are, you are less vulnerable. There have been many times that I have seen logical fallacies utilized by leftists and atheists to further their ends, and felt that I could have a separate Weblog devoted to such irrational "thinking". (Conservatives and Christians are not immu

If I Die Before You Wake

We need to take few minutes to remember those who have fallen, and pray for those who are still serving to protect our freedoms.