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Logic Lessons: Insufficient Evidence

In my dealings with evolutionists, I have been amazed at the number of logical fallacies that I have encountered. Many of them stand alone, but many others are combined into a Chaotic Crawling Casserole of Illogic. That is, there are so many errors, conversation becomes almost impossible and you're much better off watching reruns of "Columbo". Among the logical fallacies I have encountered (in English) are: Attacking the person instead of discussing the topic "You do it too!" Appealing to numbers, as in, "Everybody believes this way" (or "Bandwagon") to the extreme of accepting evolution on faith, not evidence Confusing cause and effect Straw man (misrepresenting the beliefs of creationists, ID proponents, Christians, the other political party &c. and then ridiculing the caricature that was made up) Appealing to emotion Appealing to unqualified authority Hasty generalizations Appeal to faith in scientism ("Science wil

Do Sunni Rebels Have ANY Compunction?

In World War 2, one strategy was to beat your enemy into submission by bombing population centers into nonexistence. Military targets were the priority, but the people were not entirely off-limits. Fast forward >> to the Gulf Wars and into today. Surgical strikes against military targets, with great effort to minimize civilian casualties (if we can tell the difference between civilians and cowardly, non-uniformed terrorists combatants, that is). Some missions have been aborted because of the risk to civilians. This principle appears to apply to Israeli forces as well . However, cowardly terrorist combatants not only refuse to wear uniforms, they even use human shields . This cowardice extends to the deliberate personal murders of entire families, and hanging children after the rest of the family has been murdered. (Many words come to mind, but I am attempting to restrain profanity and will settle for "low-life, cowardly, murdering scumbag weasel losers".) Religion of

Religion of Peace: Hezbollah At Play

Everyone deserves some rest and relaxation. And the rocket-firing-at-civilians , anti-Conservative-propaganda-spreading terrorist organization Hezbollah has just the place!

Did Mohammed Exist? Unbelievable Debate!

A bit of a play on words in the title. Justin Brierley's show "Unbelievable?" has people debating, whether it's atheists and Christians, liberal and conservative Christians, world religions and other things. I am not a huge fan of the show, but it does get my interest on occasion. This episode was interesting. The topic was whether or not Mohammed even existed, and if there is historical evidence to support the idea. Like other Mohammedan "scholars" in debates, Adnan Rashid showed hostility, ignorance, kept going off topic and exhibited dishonesty. Robert Spencer called him on it numerous times, eventually getting a bit perturbed himself. Heck, so would I. ( Dr. James White is acquainted with Rashid's nonsense. ) Rashid came out of the gate attacking the historicity of Jesus and attacking Spencer's character. You can listen to the debate at "Unbelievable?", here .

Strange Searches — Evidence

I am going to use the search term "sentence" here to make a point: As usual, the searcher may have been putting words together to make the best use of the search engine. But I am going to go with it anyway. Please pay attention: There is no such thing as Christian or creationist evidence per se . We all have the same facts; a fact is a fact. The disagreement happens in the interpretations of the facts. Evolutionists have their interpretations, models, explanations and whatever else. Creationists have their interpretations, models, explanations and whatever else as well. There is no such thing as your facts and my facts, capice?

Logic Lessons: What Do You See, Feel and Think?

A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal, But even the compassion of the wicked is cruel. — Proverbs 12.10 NASB This picture was circulating on Facebook and has upset quite a few people. There are over 30,000 comments on the main photo and 176,000 "shares". No idea how many total with all of the comments on the shared versions. I saw several comments where people wanted to personally harm and even kill the man in the picture. I'm warning you, it is upsetting to animal lovers. Be sure to read this all the way through.  Click for Larger; Picture is viral, original source not found.  From your initial glance, what do you feel? Outrage? A desire to hurt the guy? Sorry for the puppy? Now, what do you see? A fellow forcing a puppy to drink vodka? Animal abuse? In addition to the rage that was expressed, some interesting comments and observations were made. There is considerable argument about whether or not the cap is on the bottle in the fi

Article on Evolution, Animal Rights and Killing Hunters

No, it's not here. I put it at Piltdown Superman. Click here to read it .