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Videos - What Do You Call That Holiday on December 25?

OK, Gang! Two videos, one song. This puppy is foot stomping, hand waving, crank it up and sing along fun. Play it loud, play it often, send the link to your friends so they can join the party and help stand up for the truth (forget the "politically correct" nonsense)! First, the version with the lyrics: And now, one of the best house lightings I've ever seen:

How Evolution Makes Tyrants

Buon giorno.  I have a post up at Piltdown Superman that is not scientific, but more philosophical. You can read that here .

Militant Muslims Kill Christians in Nigeria

Thanks to Answering Muslims , who mentioned this story earlier.  More of the "religion of peace" in action. A militant group seeking to enforce Sharia, or Islamic law, throughout Nigeria, has shot and killed two children of an ex-terrorist and "murderer" because he converted to Christianity, well-informed missionaries told BosNewsLife Wednesday, November 23. Boko Haram, meaning “Western education is a sin”, carried out the killings this month after discovering that a former fellow fighter refused to kill a Christian and instead accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, explained Rae Burnett, Africa Director of the U.S. based Christian Aid Mission (CAM) group. Burnett told BosNewsLife that the father and Boko Haram militant "was poised to slit the throat of his Christian victim" during November attacks in northern Nigeria that killed at least over 130 Christians, including missionaries, when "he was suddenly struck with the weight of