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Atheists, Hitler and the No True Scotsman Fallacy

It is truly baffling to me when atheists want to "give" Hitler to Christianity. And they do it with gleeful self-humiliation. "Why is it self-humiliation, Cowboy Bob?" Most atheists that I have encountered, especially on the Internet, fallaciously declare themselves to be the intellectual elite, simply by virtue of being atheists. (Ridiculous, I know.) Yet these bastions of enlightenment commit logical fallacies freely and frequently. They also do not know how to correctly identify fallacies. Hitler supposedly claimed to be a Christian (but his "Christianness" is easily refuted ). When a Christian says, "Hitler was not a real Christian", the misotheist will scream, "AHA! The 'No True Scotsman Fallacy'". Except that he's dead wrong , and has embarrassed himself by incorrectly attempting to use a logical principle. Remember, don't fear the atheist. They have a great deal of bravado, but even a cursory knowledge of