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Video by The Atheist Antidote: "Atheists and Christmas"

Perhaps they're just angry that they have to wait until April 1 for their own joyless holiday, so they can't get into ours . Perhaps it's just hate in disguise. They pretend to be standing for something when they seek to remove the civil rights of Christians , what a joke. Atheopaths are not fooling anyone. And they really wonder why people can't stand them?

Atheists and their Demonizing — What's the Point?

For a long time, I have said that people are stupidified by hate. (Yes, I learned that word from Matt Slick .) They are so wrapped up in their hatred of people that there is little, if anything, that hate-ee can do that is "right" in their eyes. When it comes to atheism, the stupidification is a spiritual problem. Not only are they suppressing the truth about God (Rom. 1.20), they are unable to understand deeper spiritual matters (1 Cor. 2.14). This feeds itself and other areas of their lives are affected (Rom. 1.21-22), especially the ability to reason. Some refer to this as the "noetic effect of sin". This helps explain why the garden variety atheopath is unable to understand basic concepts of logic, even after they are explained. These proponents of "reason" are exceedingly irrational. (Click for larger.) This troll's assertion is helpful how, exactly? Since they are unable to defend their incoherent worldview, preferring instead