Atheists and their Demonizing — What's the Point?

For a long time, I have said that people are stupidified by hate. (Yes, I learned that word from Matt Slick.) They are so wrapped up in their hatred of people that there is little, if anything, that hate-ee can do that is "right" in their eyes.

When it comes to atheism, the stupidification is a spiritual problem. Not only are they suppressing the truth about God (Rom. 1.20), they are unable to understand deeper spiritual matters (1 Cor. 2.14). This feeds itself and other areas of their lives are affected (Rom. 1.21-22), especially the ability to reason. Some refer to this as the "noetic effect of sin".
This helps explain why the garden variety atheopath is unable to understand basic concepts of logic, even after they are explained. These proponents of "reason" are exceedingly irrational.

(Click for larger.) This troll's assertion is helpful how, exactly?

Since they are unable to defend their incoherent worldview, preferring instead to make excuses for why they hate God (who does not exist in their minds except when it is convenient to hate him); they cannot make a logical presentation for atheism. Wouldn't it be nice if they could do it without vitriol and appeals to emotion?

Why else do we see misotheists on pa-TROLL, attacking Christians with irrelevant and irrational nonsense?

(Click for larger.) This troll came on the attack using fallacies and showing his appalling ignorance.
"Neolithic goat herders", indeed. Humiliate yourself much, Horatio? Do some research
instead of relying on pooling of ignorance sites run by misotheists.

It is so tiresome when these people use prejudicial conjecture with their ad hominems.
And I see this atheofascist is admitting to being a part of the Thought Police.

When they encounter a Christian (especially a biblical creationist) that will stand up to them, they decide to attack the person.

(Click for larger.) This helps me grow as a person. Really it does!
Especially the appeal to motive fallacies and the arbitrary assertion.
This is very baffling, actually. What do they hope to accomplish? If someone wants to ridicule and humiliate me, that only makes them look petty and childish. Worse, I have some bad news for you, Sunshine: I have already admitted that I am not perfect. I have sinned before almighty God, I have done bad things in the past, I have done bad things earlier today and will probably foul up tomorrow.

So what?

I have seen people with such "reasoning" abilities make a chain of argument something like this: You are not a good enough Christian to please me. Christianity has failed. The Bible is false. There is no God!

Perhaps another factor that motivates them in their hate and rage to do pointless things is that, deep down, they know we have the rational worldview.

Also, the ridicule that atheopaths heap on Christians does not change the truth. It only shows what they are. No wonder so many are unemployed and spend all their time online — it seems that they are too unstable to be employable.

Addendum: I was given this example of inability to reason that helps prove my point, presumably from Reddit:

Note that the intellectual level of argument is along the lines of "No, it isn't!", and fits with the Insanity Wolf "meme", above. If this kind of thinking is common, I fear for the future of mankind.

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