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Video: Atheist and Evolutionist Morality — Fundamentally Flawed

Atheists and evolutionists are not only confused by their irrational worldviews, but they are also cunning. One of their tricks is to first deceive themselves, and then deceive others, about the definitions of words. The disingenuous redefinition of atheism to mean "lack of belief" is laughable to any thinking person. The Evo Sith will sneak a change in definition of the word "evolution". These word games are some of the tools used to attack Christians and creationists. These tricks and attacks are partly the result of realizing that they cannot defeat the biblical creationist worldview with reason and science. We are right, they know it, and they hate it. But hiding from the truth and redefining words will not change the end result. For anyone reading this and watching the video below, it's not too late. It might be too late in an hour, though.