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Synchronicity in the Press? Not Hardly!

The word synchronicity   originated with Carl Jung , was developed by Arthur Koestler , others have offered their views on the concept, was the title of the final studio album by The Police, the title of a 2015 science fiction movie involving time travel, and more. Pseudo-intellectual New Age and postmodern writers (their material is easily obtained on the Web) are fond of synchronicity. I don't cotton to getting into all that, and want to keep it simple: according to synchronicity, coincidences are not what they appear, and may have a sort of supernatural basis. Image credit: Pixabay / wilhei In the early days of the George W. Bush presidency, Rush Limbaugh collected a montage of remarks from different leftists, saying that Bush lacked "gravitas". So many people from different sources all suddenly using a rather uncommon word at the same time?  The same kind of happenstance has occurred many times over the years.   Fascinating. When updating my post about pinhea

Trump Inauguration Refusers Flip Off Millions

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen People are making the news by refusing to perform at any of Donald Trump's inauguration events. They'll say things like, "He's not fit to be president", and "Trump offends people". Yeah, as if Hillary Clinton was fit. Not hardly! We also see violent protests by sore losers who reject the rule of law. ( One sidewinder thinks they're justified , since he's tried, sentenced, and condemned Trump in the supreme court of his opinion). But that's okay, they're leftists, so the rest of us have to be tolerant of these domestic terrorists, right? Image credit: Michael Vadon  ( CC BY-SA 2.0 ) What really takes the rag off the bush is when Jennifer Holliday accepted the opportunity to perform, then backed out because the LGBT "community" was "heartbroken". Why? Do none of them believe in freedom? Jenny caved in to bullying, she said about the "community" , that it "...was mostly resp