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Politics, Religion, Emotion and Logic

Having been interested in political matters as well as spiritual, it gives me some interesting opportunities for observation. I am not saying that I'm unique and special in this area, but when I hang around with Biblical apologists, they do not seem to have much interest in politics, and vice versa. Things I have learned about logic and apologetics have applied to political rhetoric quite nicely. There are a few things that I would like to explain to you, the viewing audience, to use during the rest of the American 2012 political season. Learn some basics.  I have some "Logic Lessons" (emphasizing informal logical fallacies) listed in the margin on this Weblog. Although they are focused on Christian apologetics and vituperative atheists have kindly supplied me with several excellent illustrations, the points made should translate to other areas, including politics. Also, there are links to other sites in those articles for further information on the logical fallacies. E

I Lack Belief

Atheists play a disingenuous game of moving the goalposts by redefining the word "atheist". Instead of the established definition of "belief that there is no God or gods", it becomes, "I lack belief in a God or gods". That load of rubbish is insultingly transparent. By the way, does a "lack of belief" motivate people to troll Christian sites under multiple and assumed names, protest Christian activities, write books and make lots of money, incessantly attack God and Christians on obscure and irrelevant Weblogs, hang out with other non-thinkers to brag about your logical fallacies &c? No, I didn't think so. Misotheists have a belief system, and something that motivates their worldview. I heard a caller to a talk show bring this up the other day, and I thought I'd run with it. Yeah, two can play that "I lack belief so I have nothing to prove" game: (Click for larger) A follow-up article is here .

Should I Trust Joshua James?

Buona sera.  I received an e-mail from my old pal Joshua James. And then he sent me "2nd Attempt" e-mail. It certainly is nice that he's persistent. He probably knows me and I rudely forgot about him, because he actually addressed me by name on one of my accounts where I conduct legitimate business. Let's see... what are the problem areas? Trust has to be earned.  I learned from some of my associates this valuable lesson, that you don't give away too much trust too soon or you could end up taking a dirt nap, capice?  Trust your instinct a little, but give trust slowly. This cafone  hasn't done anything to earn my trust, since I never heard of the guy before. The only  thing going for it is that my name is there, but he could have bought it from another of my business contacts or subscriptions. Hotmail flagged it.  Sure, I get stuff flagged all the time. That's why I check the spam filter. I'm a member.  Of what? I didn't join anything. Cl

A Nemesis for Basement Cat

Did you think that Basement Cat's only nemesis was Ceiling Cat? Or my Bible? Really? I don't think so...