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The Year of "STOP IT!"

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen People are claiming to be "offended" over inconsequential matters, and I believe they want to draw attention to themselves and try to gain power over others. It has been rightly said that these tinhorns are effectively saying, "I have no control over my emotions, so I want to make others change their lifestyles and coddle my feelings". Or words to that effect. The above image was inspired partly by Brad Stine's remarks about people saying, "Happy holidays" because they don't want to offend someone who doesn't believe in Christmas. Other holidays, people call it w hat it is: "Happy Valentines Day — Ooh! Do you believe in love?"    I reckon that some folks just look for things to cry about. One problem with this is that municipalities, courts, businesses, or whatever give credence to nonsense. For that matter, I'm offended on occasion, but I don't file complaints. (But then, it's not expedient