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Motivating Factors

Buon giorno.  It has been over four years and over eight hundred posts on this Weblog alone. Add my other Weblogs, and my total is easily over a thousand posts. Most of those are my own work, but I have been increasing the number of links to other sites lately. One reason is obvious, that I believe they have something worth reading. The other reason is to give myself a break. I put a great deal of work into most of these posts, plus heart and soul. It gets draining. In a word: Burnout. Some of my longer-term readers know that I rededicated my life to Jesus just over a year ago, after rudely putting God on the back burner for about fifteen years. So, my interests and what I emphasize here has shifted, obviously. But I still maintain that this is a general-purpose Weblog, going where I want to go. Or where God leads. I was questioning if I was getting burned out, or if my priorities were out of order. Does God still want me doing this in the first place? I mentioned to Rhom

There I Go Again

Buon giorno. First of all, the experiment with Windows Live Writer is continuing. Edit: Not very successful. Hey, America! I declare this “National Slurpee Day”! Well, the date is Seven-Eleven. Ha! People who know me are probably going to echo the title of this article. Back in 2008, I was very active in the “Save Tibet” movement. (I lost interest because too many people do not care about what is happening to the Tibetans under ChiCom occupation, and that my own government is not only apathetic, but betrays Tibetans as well.) But I used Vista Print and had car magnets made to attempt to stir up interest.      I still snicker at the instructions, where it said not to use on aircraft or underwater. You mean I can’t put a car magnet on my yellow submarine or my personal jet? Like, bummer, man! No, I don’t own the Mercury Cougar anymore, and I don’t live in that location, either. Some rotten people want to see me get whacked, but I’m not going to make it easy for them. Well,