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Short Lesson in Atheist Hypocrisy

Atheopaths have a hard time thinking rationally, and yet they claim to be the intellectual elite simply because they reject evidence for God. Then, they attack Christians with pathetic accusations. These accusations describe atheists, not Christians. But we're not into letting them manipulate us, and try to restrict our speech — and our thoughts — from those who claim to be "tolerant". Here's a classic example. If we point out that most of the greatest mass murderers in history were atheists (I'm not counting Hitler, some people say he was an atheist, but he was an occultist), then they say that the murderers' atheism had nothing to do with their actions, or that they did not do things "in the name of atheism". So what? They still had no consistent moral standard. Then they complain about what Christians think and believe, because we might do something rotten in the name of God (never mind the galactic ignorance of biblical teachings on the part o

Atheists, Aliens and Science

stock.xchng/nion I'm going to redirect you to a mult-faceted post. The first part is about the "ownership" of science. Many atheists strut around as if they invented the thing, and that to be a scientist, you have to be an atheist. Dead wrong, Robert! Does science belong to Christians and Theists? We (not me, of course, I wasn't born yet) invented the whole modern disciplines of science. Whether genetics or physics or electrical theory or classification of organisms or chemistry or you name it... You could assert that the ancient Greeks like Archimedes were the first scientists and there is some support for that. However, the axiomatic way of viewing the world proved to be a hindrance to science. Keep in mind that science was always simply a part of the overall concept of philosophy and was not considered separately back in the ancient world. How does that grab ya? But wait, if you act now, you'll get absolutely free, a bonus post about space aliens!

The Other Place

Since my priorities are at Piltdown Superman and The Question Evolution Project , I haven't been motivated to post here very often. After deleting quite a few articles and posts, I am using this for occasional use, but primarily as an archive. Especially for the stuff that tells how atheists really are. You might like to see this article about a problem that evolutionists have .