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Big Business Neglecting the Human Element

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Edited June 2, 2020 On this anniversary of my first weblog (began in 2007), I wanted to do something very personal that also including material that applies to many people in the workforce. Readers from The Company may wonder, "Is he talking about me?" For the most part, "you" will be a combination of people. The big business shall remain unnamed. Background image: Unsplash / Rupixen This article may get me fired or I could receive some other form of retaliation, but I am presenting the truth and the situation as I see it. Some people can't handle that . The Hazard of Hiring Humans It's problematic for  laissez-faire capitalism (see " Evolutionary Thinking and Human Capital ") that they have to employ people. Not automatons, not (as Mr. Gordons says) meat machines, but people. We are not baunistic. Mayhaps some bigwigs would like to completely automate, but even androids need maintenance. (What was that old