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Abundant Opinions in the Comment Area

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen  A bane of social media, especially for those who present information, is that too many people are self-appointed experts on whatever topic is presented; they have opinions are are not afraid to express them. Christians and creationists deal with atheists who spout off with prejudicial conjecture , which often means, " I know nothing about the subject but I must cast aspersions anyway ." It happens on other subjects as well. We also have to deal with uninformed conjecture . Mostly made at PhotoFunia Expressing an opinion on a subject folks know little or nothing about is common. Watch some of those interviews of people in the street ( like the one included here ) and you'll see that even though many know nothing, they seem to feel compelled to say something anyway. I try to avoid using questions in titles of my own material, that's just asking for it. For example, I recently posted, " Is Jesus the Creator? " Atheopaths laugh at those t