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A Sirius Interview

Buon giorno. Your not so humble host was invited to be on Sirius Satellite Radio's "Blog Bunker", Indie Talk 110. The topic was the Tibet situation. My first response was, "Yeah, sure". But then I found out that it was on the level. I was on last night (14 May 2008) at just after 17.00 for about fifteen minutes. I wanted to be in the studio, but with a series of personal crises and distractions, I had to do it by telephone. My apologies to the host, I believe his name was Joe Salzone, for being unsure of his name. But I was a bit nervous. Although they bill it as a round-table discussion, it was just Joe and me. When he asked a question, I just launched. (Penne told me later that she wondered if I was going to even take a breath in the first few minutes.) All those years of learning, plus the desire to get my point across, came out like machine gun fire. I think one reason that I launched so badly is that I've seen and heard so many shows where, if the gu