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Dearborn Police Bar Christian Group from Public Street Near Mosque

Click link below for video commentary — Answering Muslims: Dearborn Police Bar Christian Group from Public Street Near Mosque

Can Atheists Live without God?

This bit from Apologetics 315 was waiting for me in my e-mail this morning : Can Atheists Live Without God? by Norman Geisler MP3 21 Jun 2011 In this audio from The Voice of Truth Podcast , Norman Geisler speaks on the subject: Can Atheists Live Without God?  Geisler discusses what atheists say, what the Bible says, and what the evidence shows. He argues that atheists can't live without God logically, morally, psychologically, and religiously. Full MP3 Audio here . (55 min) [Hint: You can safely skip the first five minutes.]

Why Do Atheists Act So Negatively?

For some time, I've been wondering if the the obstreperous atheists that I've encountered are social misfits; do they have employment? Will anyone hire people with such attitudes in the first place? (Aside from the New York DMV, I seriously wonder.) I also wonder if some of the viciousness I have seen is symptomatic of more serious emotional and mental issues. "Simple Apologetics" discusses the negativity of atheists. In addition, there are other articles exploring atheism. In this post, my goal is to clarify the logical connections between atheism, determinism, and negative social outcomes. It is very important to note that this post is not saying that atheists (the people) are responsible for more negative social outcomes compared to people with other belief systems. There are a wide range of variables that affect what choices we make. "At the same time, there are clear connections between: a) affirming that everything that exists is composed of matter,