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"Unbelievers" and Poison

Clinton R. Dawkins and Larry Krauss are leading militant atheists on another crusade. They have a new movie called Unbelievers.  Perhaps they have to step up their efforts in spreading disinformation and stirring up emotions against that shadowy bogey man called "religion" and all its evils because they know that atheism is declining globally . Perhaps they're still upset because atheists do not score well in being liked and trusted . Perhaps the money is not rolling in as much as it used to be. Let's back up. Atheists complain that they're not liked. Why is that? Well, from this report about the movie from a source that I trust , it's the same kind of nonsense that they inflict on people all the time anyway. I am convinced that they are not disliked because they're atheists so much as because they're obnoxious. What do they do? Appeal to emotion. After all, people "think" with their emotions, and militant atheopaths manipulate peo