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November 9, 2019

The Left Hates Us

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

It is not just a matter of difference of opinion on national policies, government, and so on. Leftists support all sorts of things that Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, and others promote. Instead, they advocate abortion, open borders, scaring children with climate change doomsday fake news, actively oppose Christianity, and so much more.

Leftists hate President Trump and his supporters. You do not have to like the man, but their actions to destroy him threaten the future of our country.
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Leftists were becoming aggressive and even violent toward Republicans and Conservatives back when George W. Bush was the American president. Campaign signs were stolen out of yards, vehicles with stickers were vandalized, people were harassed by leftist total strangers. Things settled down a bit when Caliph B. Hussein Obama was playing emperor for eight years (well, except for gender confusion and assassination of police officers, things were just wonderful with him in power).

Now that Donald J. Trump is the president, violence is astonishing to say the least. Take a gander at the news (not the fake news, they do not cover it) and you can easily read articles on people being beaten for wearing MAGA hats. Indeed, college students are afraid to admit that they're Republicans! This is from the party of "tolerance". Sure, they believe in free speech — as long as it meets their leftist political and cultural standards from the Ministry of Truth. Although leftists flat-out lie about this, there has been a coup in place to remove Trump from office right after he was elected.

When Mitt(ens) Romney was running for president, he made a good point regarding concerns that he is a Mormon: He did not define his run for office by his religion, nor was he running for pastor. Instead, he was running to be the president of all the people. Although Donald Trump has moral failings that have been brought into the spotlight through the internet (most of his indiscretions, incidentally, we accepted when he was a Democrat), he became president for all the people. This includes leftists and other poltroons who hate him.

I was not enthusiastic about voting for Trump, and chose against him in the Primary Elections. But he was a far better choice than Shrillary "Box Wine" Clinton, you betcha. Leftist news sources minimize his accomplishments (if they report on them at all), and spend more airtime and print bashing him than any other president has experienced. They hate him with a passion, even to the point of destroying our republic to have him removed from office under demonstrably false pretenses. Some tinhorns only choose leftist sources and biased reporting (such as the misrepresented transcript) so they can justify their hatred of Trump. 

They hate us. One leftist rag was furious with Bill Maher for being somewhat civil to a Republican. That's "wrong" by their "standards". Keep your ears and eyes open, and you will see leftists attacking people who support or simply voted for Trump. We are racists, homophobes (an appallingly stupid word used to provoke negative emotions), science deniers, and all sorts of other things. Unfortunately, people are unable or unwilling to use rational thought and "think" with their emotions. 

You don't have to adore Trump. He has flaws, and despite leftist falsehoods, his supporters admit that he is not a god. (Christians, it is your biblical duty to pray for him.) This attempt to stage a coup and have him removed from office is a great threat to this constitutional republic. I have two articles that I'd be much obliged if you'd read. First, Chris Stigall discusses how leftists are ramping up to attack Trump voters (I think it's an attempt to intimidate us into silence, leftist so that, you know). This is at "SNL Punts on Trump, Attacks His Voters Instead". Second, take a look at the very serious article by David P. Goldman, "It's Time for Every American Patriot to Rally Around Trump: The American Republic Is at Stake".

January 23, 2016

Establishing Evolutionary Religion in America

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Many parts of the world are becoming increasingly secularized (which may have contributed to the recent terrorist attacks), and the United States has also been riding that same trail. The rights of Christians are coming under increasing attack by atheistic owlhoots, and secular humanism is steadily becoming established as the state religion. Know what God says about people who deny him? See Psalm 14:1.

Secular humanism is a religion by their own admission, philosophically, and by court rulings. While many atheists such as Clinton Richard Dawkins are calling this a "major victory", some dishonest atheists are still trying to change reality and deny that humanism is a religion. They accept the religion of evolutionism as foundational (but deny that evolutionism is a religious): "Humans are an integral part of nature, the result of unguided evolutionary change. Humanists recognize nature as self-existing."

The world is becoming increasingly secularized, as is the United States. To further establish secular humanism as the state religion, there is an effort to declare "Darwin Day".

Atheists like Michael Zimmerman have been trying to get churches to compromise on creation. Now some federal tinhorns are attempting to establish "Darwin Day". Problem is, the First Amendment to the United States Constitution expressly forbids the government establishing a state religion: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances". Of course, they have been establishing humanistic religion for a mighty long time now. This "all hail Darwin, blessed be!" stuff takes the rag off the bush. And this will continue as they seek to deny our Creator and enthrone man.

There is resistance. We already have Question Evolution Day happening annually on February 12, which is by and for the people. There is also Creation Sunday, which I encourage churches to be a part of. But let's turn up the heat a bit more, shall we? Americans should speak out and let legislators know that Darwin Day is unacceptable, and violating the Constitution.
Two Connecticut Congressmen have introduced Darwin Day resolutions this year. House Resolution 548 is sponsored by Rep. Jim Hines (CT-4); Senate Resolution 337 is sponsored by Senator Richard Blumenthal (D- Connecticut). It comes as no surprise that the resolutions are backed by the Secular Coalition of America and the American Humanist Association.
To read the rest, click on "Stop Darwin Day!" Also, you can become involved at the new Stop Darwin Day Facebook Page.

November 9, 2014

Atheism, Secularism and Lack of Logic

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

One of the main problems that atheists have is prejudicial conjecture. That is, they get all het up, thinking they know about something and spouting off their uninformed opinions while also trying to influence the views of others. When it comes to the Bible, many atheists not only resort to prejudicial conjecture, but many other logical fallacies including the straw man. Sorry, Cupcake, but we don't have to defend something we don't hold to or didn't say. This includes quote-mined material from the Bible. 

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Numerous fallacies can be rounded up in regards to creation science. They will misrepresent creationists, call us liars (their "proof" is essentially based on "because I said so repeatedly", but actually makes them the liars because of no real evidence), appeal to motive, poisoning the well, unfounded accusations, loaded terminology and a whole lot more. With just a little learning about informal logical fallacies, it's easy to spot atheopaths using numerous errors in what passes for reasoning on their world.

This is "Fair Use" for educational purposes. Also, I see that someone didn't cotton to Haywire's rants.
Another trick is redefining words to suit their purposes. The established definition of atheism is someone who believes there is no God or gods. Since that fails logic and philosophy tests, they have conveniently redefined it into someone who "lacks belief", but they are still making a belief statement. (Fine, I lack belief in a universe without God.) Since atheism is such a negative religion, it has been also redefined as secularism or even secular humanism, but both terms still come down to meaning "atheism". "Secularism" is not "neutral"; secularists keep working on removal of all vestiges of Christianity in public life. That is an establishment of an atheist religion, not "neutrality"!

One of the most popular efforts of quote mining by atheists in America is the so-called "Constitutional separation of church and state". Many people believe the lie that this is in the US Constitution. I remember some of a conversation about 30 years ago, I said to a guy, "The Constitution says that the church shall be separate from the state, and the school from the church". The other guy said, "Yes!" Then I informed him that I was almost-quoting from the USSR Constitution (it's in the 1936 and 1977 USSR Constitutions). He didn't like that trick, but it showed how he had accepted a belief without truth. The fact is, despite the manipulations and trickery of secularists, there is no such thing as the separation of church and state in the US Constitution! But atheist-sympathizing judicial activist judges in this country act like it's there.

Let's get back on the original trail again.

Atheists and other anti-creationists give uninformed opinions when they attack Christians and biblical creationists. Some think they've found problems with the Bible, therefore there is no God, but their objections have been answered long, long ago and answers are posted online. Very few have the intellectual integrity to honestly investigate from the sources about what we believe and teach. They get their information from other atheopaths and anti-creationists who misrepresent us, or just base their opinions on watching or reading secular humanist-based science fiction. How about going to the source instead of fallaciously paying attention to poorly-thought second-hand opinions? There really is a Creator, and he makes the rules. We are all going to be answerable to him one day. For some of us, it will be a joy. For others, it will be Hell (Phil. 2.9-11, Rev. 20.15). By denying God, you're making your choice with your pretended "secular" neutrality.

Wild Bill Finlay is an American Conservative commentator and a Christian. He has some good observations in this short video.

July 29, 2012

Can Atheists and Evolutionists Be Good American Citizens?

I suppose it depends on someone's loyalties. Atheist evolutionists do not recognize the Creator as the one who gives rights. The atheistic religion of Secular Humanism has evolution as one of its tenets. Evolution is a religion and it is not science (like we've been telling you). In fact, evolution is a faith-based religion, despite science! People were worried about John F. Kennedy being elected president because he was Roman Catholic, and his loyalty would be to the Pope. Now they're pulling the same stunt about Mitt Romney's Mormon religion. What about the evolutionist? I would be much more concerned with the freedom of Christians if there was an admitted atheist in the Presidency, since there is no God to them, and they are Statists.
The “myth of evolution” is the most seditious of all attacks being made upon the foundational core principles of our Constitutional Republic.

If one accepts the belief that evolution is fact, one must - then and there - surrender and forfeit his “Americanism” which is defined as the belief that our individual rights and liberties are derived from the CREATOR, are founded in “Nature” , and as such are unalienable (absolute) being beyond the power of all Earthly governments to abrogate. Only in “America”, do the rights of the citizen supersede the laws of the state. This is what “Americanism” is!

Every one of our State Constitutions (where the common-law and “Americanism” is administered) begins by recognizing this cardinal fundamental. To wit: “We, the People of the State of (your State), thankful to God for our religious and political liberties…”

If there is no Creator, then there can be no unalienable rights derived therefrom!

If there are no unalienable rights, then there can be no Americanism (defined above).

If rights do not come from God as the Founding Fathers decreed, then they must necessarily come from the state - in the form of granted privileges called “civil rights” or “human rights” as the Humanist Manifestos propose.

The dictionary definition of “God” is: “Most High Lawgiver” or “unaccountable, source and author of authority ” .

If there is no “God” or “Creator” recognized as the supreme authority, the state then usurps that prerogative.
This article is blunt and a real eye-opener. You can read the rest of "The 'Evolution' Myth", here.

May 26, 2011

Free Speech Eroding for Christian Students

"Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted." 
— Lenin

"Teacher sayin', Can’t be prayin', says it's against the rules.
We're free today in the USA, but not here in my school."
— Morgan Cryar, "Pray in the USA"

Buona sera. If you are interested in my occasional links and such about the persecution of Christians, they will continue. After all, persecution, discrimination and so forth not only continues, but increases.

The first leader of the Soviet Union knew the value of shaping a child's mind. The history of atheism and brainwashing by atheistic indoctrination in the USSR is well known, so I do not need to give you a history lesson now.

Secularists, "Progressives", so-called humanists, atheists and cafones of that ilk have been working to undermine the Christian values and education in America for decades. I remember hearing a pastor in the small town of Ionia, Michigan somewhere around 1985 tell about a student that he knew who was told that he could not bring a Bible to school. If I remember right, the child was told that it was "illegal". Horse puckey. Fortunately, the pastor got involved and straightened out that situation.

But such nonsense continues. The "legal" excuse for it is the so-called "Constitutional wall of separation of church and state". Except that it does not appear in the Constitution. Oh, wait... yes, it does! "...the church is separated from the state, and the school from the church." It's right there in the 1977 USSR Constitution. Except that we're not communists. Yet.

A former student at Gateway East High School of the Grossmont Union High School District has filed suit against GUHSD, saying he was disciplined and suspended for sharing his faith with fellow students and for bringing his Bible to school. The student is represented by Pacific Justice Institute.

The conflict for Kenneth Dominguez began when he returned from Christmas break in January 2010 and began telling his fellow students about his Christian faith. On several occasions he was reprimanded for doing so and eventually he was told not to bring his Bible to school. An administrator told him that he could not share his Christian faith with fellow students or bring his Bible to school because of separation of church and state. When he continued to discuss his faith and bring his Bible to school he was given a 2 day suspension on February 18, 2010.

While I was on the hunt, I came across a couple of other gems.
For years, the Collier County School District allowed World Changers to offer Bibles to interested students during non-school hours on Jan. 16 in honor of Religious Freedom Day. But since last year, the superintendent and the Community Request Committee have refused to grant permission to the Southern Baptist Convention-related mission group to do so.

School officials claim Bibles do not provide any educational benefit to the students and thus distribution should stop.
Read the rest of the article about the blatant stupidity and Bible hatred here.

An Augusta State University student filed suit Wednesday after she was told to change her Christian beliefs or otherwise be expelled from the school's graduate counseling program.

"A public university student shouldn’t be threatened with expulsion for being a Christian and refusing to publicly renounce her faith, but that’s exactly what’s happening here," said David French, senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund. "Simply put, the university is imposing thought reform."

And now, the "Candy Cane Case", eight years in the making.
First, they banned eight-year-old Jonathan Morgan from handing out candy canes with Jesus’ name on them to classmates at a school holiday party.

Then they confiscated a little girl’s pencils after school because they mentioned “God.” But that’s not all…

They even banned an entire classroom from writing “Merry Christmas” on cards to our troops serving in Iraq!

Now, these same government officials are actually arguing in court that elementary students can be discriminated against and are too young to have First Amendment protection, and if they win this case, they could silence 41 million American school kids and their parents.
Read the rest of this bit of sweetness here and here. Also, see their seven minute video, below. And a music video below that.

Of course, those who approve of rewriting history, persecution and thought control deny such things, capice? Welcome to the Union of Soviet Socialist States of America, Comrade.

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