January 20, 2011

Land of Imagery

Buona sera. Tough call today. Do I discuss the effects of entropy on unstable radioactive isotopes, and then move on to point out that the Second Law of Thermodynamics applies to both open and closed systems — or do I show another picture from Farmville?

Yeah, let's do the fun stuff.

I don't have a photo editor available at this computer, so I'll just give you some verbal discussions. This thing is full of symbolism. Perhaps people will be tempted to find some where it does not exist (there's a Cat Corral next to the villa on the left), but some things are placed for fun, or for convenience. You'll need to click on it for larger image, using your right-click and "Open in New Tab" or "Open in New Window". No, Norman. Right click. Your other right...

First, the big image: A cross. At the bottom is a gate in the hedge, and the gate is open. That means there is room for you at the foot of the cross. Near the center of the crop stuff is a lighthouse. Next to that is a sign, and my Farmville neighbors can see it, referring to Matt. 5.16 ESV: "Let your light shine before others". Near the lighthouse is the farmer character, which I call "Mini Me". He starts out there every time I go to Farmville, so he's not a part of the symbolism. Not on purpose, anyway. By one arm of the cross is a well (John 4.14). There are sheep near the cross (John 10.14-16). One of the sheep is "educated", and has a sign referring to Proverbs 1.7. Above the right arm is a fig tree, the subject of several references. At the upper left of the cross is a lamp post. Not a direct Biblical reference, but some people "get it". (Hint: "Is he safe?" Write if you really want to know.)

Outside the fence is a grove of olive trees, symbolizing Gethsemane. The ponds and things have nothing to do with symbolism. At the center of the bottom, partially obscured by the greened-out box is a schoolhouse. There's a sign next to that that says something like, "We home school. Welcome to Jesus Freak Church of Farmville".

I had big plans, wanting to put the cross in the center and do other stuff on the sides, but Mini Me would be on the cross, and that would look too tacky. So everything was thrown off. Still, I made my point. And I have some ideas to make it interesting for Resurrection Sunday...

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