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Atheist Rage

In December 1993, Colin Ferguson began methodically shooting people on the Long Island Railroad. He hated white people and other blacks that he considered "Uncle Toms" [ 1 ] . This was before the term "hate crime" was popular. He had lawyers who wanted to offer an absurd defense called "black rage". The concept was that he was a victim of a racist society, and this was going to be offered as an insanity defense [ 2 ] . The selfish, self-righteous coward rejected the defense and chose to defend himself. Badly [ 3, 4 ] . Earlier today, I posted some comics and pictures on my Facebook account, including something that was made for me.  A couple of misotheists decided to take me to task and play the victim card. They went on about how they are hated by society and treated badly by "theists". I cleaned up the language of one comment and presented it here: When I showed the first complainant that this and other remarks in his diatribe were fa