November 17, 2012

Atheist Rage

In December 1993, Colin Ferguson began methodically shooting people on the Long Island Railroad. He hated white people and other blacks that he considered "Uncle Toms" [1]. This was before the term "hate crime" was popular. He had lawyers who wanted to offer an absurd defense called "black rage". The concept was that he was a victim of a racist society, and this was going to be offered as an insanity defense [2]. The selfish, self-righteous coward rejected the defense and chose to defend himself. Badly [3, 4].

Earlier today, I posted some comics and pictures on my Facebook account, including something that was made for me. A couple of misotheists decided to take me to task and play the victim card. They went on about how they are hated by society and treated badly by "theists". I cleaned up the language of one comment and presented it here: -

When I showed the first complainant that this and other remarks in his diatribe were faulty, he blocked me. Fine, how about simply not commenting on my page?


I noticed a similarity between what these guys were crying about and the "black rage" nonsense, including the fact that atheism could very well be a form of mental illness [6]. I've seen it in other places too: Atheopaths will attempt to justify their hatred of God [7] and Christians by pretending to be victims of (mostly fictitious and exaggerated) discrimination themselves.

So, they are the least-liked, least-trusted group for no reason, and nonsense like this and this are irrelevant, huh? The fact that atheist regimes are responsible for the most murders in history are also irrelevant [8]? They go on trolling rampages while pretending that they are the smartest ones in the room, that's irrelevant [9]? Not bloody likely.

They are disliked for many reasons, and they bring it on themselves. It is long past time for modern vituperative atheists to on their "all gwowed up" panties and try to build up civilized society instead of tearing it down. No victim cards allowed.

This attacking sycophant spelled his hero's name wrong, it's "Myers", Poindexter.
Fred Meyer wouldn't appreciate the association, I dare say.

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