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Kim Davis, Homosexual "Marriage", and Religious Freedom

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Since the US Supreme Court legalized homosexual "marriage" (no one can actually redefine marriage because God is the one who defined it ), religious persecution has been on the rise , as was predicted by Franklin Graham and others; say that homosexuality is a sin and not something to be celebrated , risk getting in trouble. The court has been wrong in the past (abortion, the Dred Scott decision , and others), and is wrong now. Kim Davis, a county clerk in Kentucky, refused to issue marriage licenses that would violate her religious convictions . She went to jail , which was a violation of both the United States Constitution and the Kentucky Constitution . Indeed, the tinhorn activist judge who sent her to jail also required reeducation of students who opposed homosexuality . Naturally, the Gaystapo, unintelligent atheists , and other leftists are thrilled with all this, not caring about the implications that state and federal laws are being v