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Atheism's Faulty Moral Compass and Consequences

— by Cowboy Bob Sorensen The religion of atheism seems to attract a high percentage of deviants because they have no consistent foundation for morality. One way this can be seen is that, when pressed, atheists cannot actually account for morality itself . If you examine the Web, Facebook, Weblogs and so on, you'll find many examples of obscenity and hatred toward God and his people. US Geological Survey Although they claim that they can be " good without God ", the words and actions of so many Internet atheists belie that claim. This is the opposite of the truth .Their moral compass is situational and based on whatever is expedient at the time. Living in societies that are founded on Christian morality, they are actually borrowing from the Christian worldview when they say that something is right or wrong. There comes a point when God essentially says, " Your will be done", and gives them over to their depraved minds. Atheism is irrational and in