May 11, 2013

Shining the Light on Space Aliens

NASA image, slightly modified
Since haters are gonna hate no matter what some of us do, I may as well give the mentally challenged atheopaths another gem: I believe that UFOs exist. There is no way that so many people for so many years have been faking video footage, lying, hallucinating or been simply mistaken.

Do I believe that they are beings from outer space? Not anymore. I used to, though. People would tell me that since the Bible does not say that there are extraterrestrials, they must not exist. Their arguments were superficial, mainly a fallacious argument from silence, and I used my own bad argument, that the Bible does not tell us that they do not exist, so they might exist after all. Silly, I know. In addition, I had a weird notion based on wishful thinking and bad theology that Jesus went to other planets to offer salvation, like in the Ray Bradbury story, "The Man".

Do I believe that governments are covering up contact with extraterrestrials, or whatever they are? Nah, never put much stock into that idea. But I still watched the X-Files series for a while.

I don't buy into that New Age nonsense that they are "more highly evolved" and helping us to evolve into enlightenment.

"What do you think they are, Cowboy Bob?"

I was getting to that. Well, I'm becoming convinced that it is a spiritual problem. Investigations show that there are some startling similarities between alien abductions and demonic activity.

Edit: Forgot to add that I also believe that some UFOs are not unidentified to the military. Places are secret because of research and testing, not because of alien contacts and contracts.

Long ago, before I had access to Algore's Amazing Internet™, I had to use a typewriter, paper, envelope and postage stamp to ask someone far away a question. This primitive method persists in some areas to this day. Anyway, I wrote to a UFO organization and asked if people who had experiences with UFOs had varying religious views. The reply was that it covered the whole spectrum of religious and non-religious.

It turns out that the opposite is true.
One of Joe’s cases involved a brand-new Christian called Bill D. During an alleged alien abduction he cried out “Jesus, help me!” and the encounter immediately stopped. When Joe contacted other MUFON investigators to see if they had had similar cases, they would only agree to talk to Joe if it was ‘off the record’ for fear of their careers. The truth was they all knew of similar accounts of abductions being stopped by people praying, singing hymns or calling on the name of Jesus. But because it was ‘religious in nature’ and not ‘scientific’, the evidence was being deliberately ignored and actually hidden. Joe’s CE4 group knew there must be more cases with which they could expose the deception. A local newspaper, Florida Today, reported on CE4’s initial findings. The story went viral via the press and internet, and suddenly, lots of people were contacting CE4 sharing similar testimonies. This research of Joe’s was pivotal in helping me and others create awareness in the Church on this widespread phenomenon.
Read the rest of "Lifting the Veil on the UFO Phenomenon" in context here, and you might like the half-hour video, here.

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