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Shining the Light on Space Aliens

NASA image, slightly modified Since haters are gonna hate no matter what some of us do, I may as well give the mentally challenged atheopaths another gem: I believe that UFOs exist. There is no way that so many people for so many years have been faking video footage, lying, hallucinating or been simply mistaken. Do I believe that they are beings from outer space? Not anymore. I used to, though. People would tell me that since the Bible does not say that there are extraterrestrials, they must not exist. Their arguments were superficial, mainly a fallacious argument from silence, and I used my own bad argument, that the Bible does not tell us that they do not exist , so they might exist after all. Silly, I know. In addition, I had a weird notion based on wishful thinking and bad theology that Jesus went to other planets to offer salvation, like in the Ray Bradbury story, " The Man ". Do I believe that governments are covering up contact with extraterrestrials, or wha