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The Secular Science Industry is Weaponizing Science for Leftists

People think that scientists are dispassionate and aloof, but that is the opposite of reality. There are posts on this weblog and on Piltdown Superman  showing that the secular science industry is hell-bent on supporting leftist causes. (Again, there are scientists who just want to do their work and not bother with the cultural and political wars of their employers.) The organizations are getting way out of line. Instead of doing what they supposedly stand for, their campaigning is actually harmful to the public. Leftist elites love it, though. Democrats and other leftists utilize social(ist) media to supposedly combat misinformation (essentially, uninformed erroneous statements) and disinformation (goal-oriented falsehoods). Since leftist politicians and their bedfellows in the secular science industry are elitists, they  decide what is right or wrong. They also tamper with the meanings of dis- and mis information to include truths they don't like. Secular science is rooted in ma