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Being Politically Incorrect

Nicky got himself a nasty glare when he referred to a woman as a "broad". Funny, I've heard women use the word for other women. But the woman was built like a UPS truck, and neither of us cared about her opinion. A while ago, I learned that political correctness is a threat to free speech . And it becomes a tool for someone with a chip on their shoulder or is looking for some kind of a fight. If you say the "wrong" words, say something the "wrong" way, or even look at someone crosswise, they'll run crying to their advocate and file a lawsuit. Too bad the more accurate term, "culturally correct", did not catch on because it's not always about politics. But I suspect it's always about seizing power. You have to essentially walk on eggshells because you'll offend some cafone. And then you'll be in trouble for walking on eggshells! Somewhere, somehow, no matter how careful you are, someone can be offended. If people c

Being Remembered

"Don't get too high on a bottle, "Get right with the Man, son. "Fight your fights, find a grace, "And all the things that you can change, "And help somebody if you can. "And get right with the Man." — Van Zant, from Get Right with the Man Buona sera. No, I'm not going to go on about the passing of my father and my oldest brother again. Yes, I'm going to go on about how we're remembered. Some of the things I've been reading and hearing lately have been coming together. Naturally, because of my experiences in recent months, I've been thinking about how I hope I'm remembered. My crew will remember me as a strict disciplinarian, but I hope they know that I'm that way because I want them to survive. Also, I hope they've learned a few things from me that they can apply to their lives. And I hope they remember the jokes and fun times. With this thinking going on, my old buddy Neil has had some bad times lately. His father-