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Strange Searches: Atheists Are Idiots 2

This is quite ironic, really.

Send It to the Kindle

Buon giorno.  A while back, I gave an overview of some of the products available to enhance your Kindle experience 1 . Now I am going to revisit " SENDtoREADER ". At least, the areas that I have explored. From here, I will refer to it as S2R because it sounds officially spiffy as well as being easier to type. They do not know that I am writing this article, so there are no extra grotzits in my bank account for my efforts, capice?  And I apologize in advance, this article will have more graphics than usual. Hopefully, keeping them small (click for larger) will not slow down your browser too much. S2R has free and paid levels. I am using the free level. The paid level lets me get involved with features that I do not need yet, but I suggest that people check out all the options because these people have given us something that has many diverse functions. Installed S2R has a right-click option. This is from my creation science Weblog . The most obvious point

Childish Question of Atheists

Buona sera. Materialistic atheists insist that there is no Creator. But everything that is made requires a maker, capice? The blade of that simple logic is sharp enough for Occam to shave with, but instead of following where the evidence leads, some people prefer the illogic of infinite regression; to wit (I've never used "to wit" before, hope you like it), the childish question, "Who made the Maker?" People like Richard "Daffy" Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Jason Rosenhouse (someone I had never heard of until very recently) seem content with this silliness. Although I find the question absurd, some people do not. To wit (OK, I'll stop with the "to wit"): As I have pointed out many times in this column the origin of life is one of the greatest mysteries facing science today. As renowned physicist Dr. Freeman Dyson recently wrote: “The origin of life is the deepest mystery in the whole of science. Many books and learned papers