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Making the Evidence Speak


Out of Balance

Buona sera. Today, I'm up to my old tricks of taking my experiences and observations and trying to form a general principle that I hope you can use. In this case, I have contrasting ideas. Just a moment... yeeeerrrshhh . Ah, that's better. I needed a good, long stretch. "I thought you had enough of a stretch in Sing Sing." Cool it, Nicky! I was undercover. Don't you have trolling to do? Yeah, you thought I didn't know abou t that. We'll talk later. OK, before I was so rudely interrupted... One of the most important watchwords in my life is "balance". (One of my favorite Moody Blues albums is "A Question of Balance".) More often than not, going to an extreme can get you into trouble. Buddha was right in this area when he said, "Seek the middle way". (Don't give me that look. You know it's true, never mind the source.) If you focus on peripherals too much, you miss out on what life has to offer. People will get so lo

Heaven-Sent Software

Buon giorno. Yours truly is a bit wired today. I've made it clear in the past that I'm a proponent of freeware and Open Source software. (No, I'm not ready to tackle Linux without a tutor.) Although both are technically free, freeware is often the product of one developer being generous and giving away his or her work (sometimes as a way to attract attention to other products that are for sale), and Open Source is available to anyone with the necessary skills to develop; a group effort, if you will. Click on the above link for more information about Open Source. Much of my favorite software is Open Source. I like the guiding principles behind it, and that it seems to be a labor of love. Firefox , Open Office (replacements for Excel, Word, PowerPoint and others), 7-Zip file compression and others . I found a couple that are new to me. Sort of. Couple, that is. You'll see. For someone that wants to do Bible study on their computer, with multiple versions to com