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A Bad Breakup with Firefox

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen  This is somewhat depressing. I feel like an old friend betrayed me, having used Firefox off and on for several years, and now this. It has made many improvements in speed, reliability, and security, but the Mozilla company has taken the bit of leftist politics into its teeth and jumped the corral fence. This derivative image was further modified at PhotoFunia . Shouldn't web browser companies focus on keeping us secure from tracking, spyware, hacking, and such? The expression "stay in your lane" comes to mind. I was dismayed to learn that Mozilla, makers of Firefox, have called for deplatforming and punishment of President Trump and others. So they are in favor of censorship. We need more than deplatforming Mozilla CEO Says Deplatforming President Trump Isn't Enough WARNING: Mozilla Calls for More Censorship to ‘Build a Better Internet’ – Celebrates Trump Ban Thousands are Uninstalling Firefox after Developers Demand Total Internet Censorship T