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Important Recommendation for Healthcare Providers

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Even before the COVID-19 crisis, there is something very important, very basic, and what should be very simple for healthcare providers to utilize that should make receiving payments more efficient. Although we are going to consider HCFA (pronounced HICK-fuh) forms, the principles apply to others as well. As providers, you want to be paid, right? Image credit: Freeimages / Adam Ciesielski overlaid with partial HCFA form The HCFA 1500 form was designed for Medicare and Medicaid. It is used for other claims as well. Many providers use software to fill out the forms, but a large number are filled out by hand. You fill them out and send them off to the insurance company, and most of these are scanned using OCR software so those of us behind the scenes can use our software to correct OCR errors. Then claims examiners can make sense of them and you can get paid. Nobody needs faulty submissions and delays — especially during a pandemic. There are several e

COVID-19, Up Jumps Incendiary Darwinist Opportunism

Leftist politicians are using the COVID-19 virus situation as a means to gain power, and the Darwin death cult is not letting the crisis go to waste. Not only are evolutionists falsely claiming that the virus is evidence of evolution , but fake science is actually making things worse. Scientists are working on trying to understand how this unique virus operates ( this includes creation scientists ), and the capitalization efforts of evolutionists is the equivalent of flinging mud on the wall, placing a frame over the splatters, then calling it artwork.  Using circular reasoning by assuming evolution to prove evolution, some jaspers are saying that problems with social distancing are because of our relationship to primates. The American "stimulus" package was a missed opportunity to gain money for global warming. Others want the virus to help destroy the family. Close churches but call the murders of unborn children "essential services". When society turns i