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Atheists Claim Everything Came from Nothing

Yours truly is amazed when evolutionists will believe "just so stories" based on guesswork, speculation, bad science and even fraud. And yet, they have the nerve to make fun of those of us who believe in a Creator. Worse, their logic dictates that they believe everything came from nothing. Such "reasoning" is fundamentally flawed , old son. "But Cowboy Bob, nobody believes that. Stop lying!" Don't believe me? Click here . I have a link to a discussion about a book that makes the same claim. So, if you get hit with their denials about atheists claiming ev erything came from nothing , send them here. Of course, they'll ignore the evidence. Some try to weasel out of it by redefining "nothing" ! It's their nature . But the truth is right here for your reference. How good is that? And now, about the book: If by definition something can never come from nothing, how could anything exist unless Someone put it there? This que

Truthers and Birthers and YECs, Oh My!

Buon giorno. Here's something short that occurred to me. Republicans, and many Conservatives, distance themselves from people who have doubts that B. Hussein Obama was actually born in the United States. They even have a disparaging word, "Birthers". (Of course, leftists utterly detest anyone who does not bow down and worship Dumbobama, so they are not worth consideration.) There are nagging developments about his birth certificate that make the anti-birthers rethink their positions, however. But I don't want to get into that. Then there are the "Truthers". In general, Republicans and Conservatives distance themselves from this lot, with good reason. I want to slap them until their heads spin for their belief in utterly ludicrous conspiracy theories, capice? It's usually  cafones who want to believe sensational stuff, mostly leftists who hate liberty and freedom, who promote this crap. I wrote about this some time ago, go here for that article an

Tricks and Tips for Information Gathering

First, an apology: Sorry for the confusion on the earlier publication. I was still working on this article under a similar title and had an argument with Blogger's software. It tried to print out the article. When I hit "cancel", it published the incomplete article in mid-sentence. That was annoying, and unfortunately went out into people's feeds. (You know that someone has not read the article when they "Like" something incomplete within seconds of its publication.) This was twelve days ago. This information should prove useful for a variety of people. There is information about the Kindle, but if you do not have one, keep reading. I put things in there for non-Kindle owners as well. Let me lay the foundation with my own situation, and you can substitute your own situation and needs. I need to spend a great deal of time learning things in Christian apologetics and Biblical creationism. So, my need for information gets me into science, theology — and In