June 29, 2012

Truthers and Birthers and YECs, Oh My!

Buon giorno. Here's something short that occurred to me.

Republicans, and many Conservatives, distance themselves from people who have doubts that B. Hussein Obama was actually born in the United States. They even have a disparaging word, "Birthers". (Of course, leftists utterly detest anyone who does not bow down and worship Dumbobama, so they are not worth consideration.) There are nagging developments about his birth certificate that make the anti-birthers rethink their positions, however. But I don't want to get into that.

Then there are the "Truthers". In general, Republicans and Conservatives distance themselves from this lot, with good reason. I want to slap them until their heads spin for their belief in utterly ludicrous conspiracy theories, capice? It's usually cafones who want to believe sensational stuff, mostly leftists who hate liberty and freedom, who promote this crap. I wrote about this some time ago, go here for that article and the supporting links that defeat the brain-dead, hysterical "Truther" garbage.

Now we come to the YECs. Young Earth Creationists. I can call myself one of them, but I prefer the term "Biblical Creationist". Yes, I believe in a young Earth, and I believe in what the Bible teaches. But mainstream church-ianity distances itself from us, and OECs (Old Earth Creationists) actually call us liars and cultists.

The "Birther" position is a "maybe", and has some evidence going for it. "Truther" is sensationalistic nonsense that is soundly defeated except in weak minds who want to belive it. "YEC" (or Biblical Creationist) is, to swipe an expression from Chris Plante, "beaten like a girl scout at a Hell's Angels picnic" at the hands of Bible-denying compromisers.

Did you find this interesting? I did. A little.

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