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Getting Into Some Trouble

Buona sera. I still plan on making a Weblog just for Christian material, for and about Christian concerns, but I can't wait. Yours truly managed to get himself into trouble on "Black Friday". A bit, anyway. I had decided that I had better take firm steps to practice what I preach. One thing that I preach is that Christians are woefully lacking in their primary purpose, that of sharing the gospel. I have been in Ray Comfort's "School of Biblical Evangelism" for a while, and it has taught me a great deal. In addition, I have learned from his audio and video . I recommend that any real Christian check those out, as well this this , and then examine their own convictions about the final destiny of the lost, capice? So, about practicing what I preach. The Bible teaches that those who die without Christ are on their way to Hell. No Purgatory, no reincarnation, no second chance after death; eternity is settled. Jesus commanded Christians to spread the gospel

Almost Inconceivable

Yes, I do know what that word means. But anyway, I've been mulling over some comments by hardhearted people. One was at Atheist Central. I had made a comment about Christians being persecuted , tortured and murdered by the millions, and that it is still going on today. A loser said (paraphrasing), "Good, they deserve it because of all the wars they caused." Aside from being utterly and totally ridiculous (yes, and stupid, we did establish earlier that some people are, indeed, stupid), it was amazingly heartless. I should not be surprised at this atheist "morality", but still, the suffering and murder of innocent people should not be applauded. Another thing that grinds my gears is the way people excuse, ignore and basically brush off the persecution of Christians: Other people are persecuted too, it's not happening here &c. Oh, please! My purpose in my articles ( here and here ) was to raise awareness, especially for other Christians, of w

Stupid People

No, Nicky. I'm saying that you should go to The Organ Stop for pizza the next time you're in Mesa. The Wurlitzer organ is a classic — oh, company's here. Buon giorno. Stupid people get on my nerves. You too, huh? That's not surprising. But — what exactly are "stupid" people? We all know some people who do inexplicable things that a reasonable person would not say or do. "What did you do that for? That was stupid!" Some people seem to lack simple common sense. But quite often, it's not that cut and dried. Sometimes, there are reasons for what we consider "stupid" things. Uninformed. If someone did not know better, it is unfair to find fault with him. "I've never seen one of those before, and didn't know that it would do that. Sorry." Differences of opinion. You believe this is true, I believe that is true. Disagreement itself does not equal stupidity. Fatigue, stress, medications acting up, distraction