March 27, 2021

Pop Culture Sexuality Propaganda and "The Good Doctor"

 by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

While many propagandists use heavy-handed tactics such as concentration and repetition, harassment, appeal to ridicule, and so on, others are conniving sidewinders. In "Pop-culture Evolutionism", Paul Price discussed how evolutionism is spread through popular culture. In a similar way, this is happening with sexuality.

Smart propagandists will cause others to agree with their views through repetition and acceptance. This can be seen about abortion on The Good Doctor.
Credit: Pexels / Marcos Flores
Non-Christians easily follow trends in the world, but it's mighty difficult for Christians to resist floating downstream as well. Television, movies, music, performing artists, news media, sports stars, and others influence our way of thinking. People have been duped into thinking that the number of LGBTQ+ people is much larger than it really is, party because of how they are presented on television.

My wife and I watch The Good Doctor, a program about an autistic surgeon and his struggles with the medical community. (An episode inspired me to write an article.) It is made quite well and gets viewers emotionally involved (make a note of that). Sometimes I have to tough it out when they're dealing with homosexual and transgender problems, because in a hospital, people need treatments.

One episode was enraging, because a doctor refused to perform an abortion (as I recall, it was medically unnecessary) because of Christian convictions. The chief of surgery railed at her and talked about saving lives, making light of that doctor's convictions in the process. It was an invalid comparison and an appeal to emotion. Also, the Christian woman admitted to having had an abortion herself. Yeah, ever see Christians in a positive light in movies or on TV? Didn't think so.

Shaun (the autistic doctor) and his girlfriend Lea have been very matter-of-fact about their casual sex and living together; casual sex is the norm in this show and so many others. In an episode called "Teeny Blue Eyes", they learned that she was pregnant. They struggled with questions like, "Are we ready? Will we be good parents? Will the child have autism as well? What about finances?" They were sitting in the abortion clinic when Lea changed her mind and wanted to let the child live after all. By the way, Shaun didn't stand up for his desires, but caved in to make her happy when she was choosing the abortion, then went the other way when she wanted to let the child live. Overly-conciliatory people get dominated and become miserable.

The whole thing is incredibly selfish. Of course, there was no question raised about murdering a human that is an image-bearer of the Creator. It was all about an oops from their joyous fornication, and what they want. Abortion? Whatever you decide is fine. Right and wrong? That'll be the day! Abortion was just matter of fact, even casual, like deleting a file to free up hard drive space.

While we cannot expect enemies of God who make those shows to care about true morality, we can keep a watch on what we put in our minds (Psalm 101:3, also see "What are you Putting in your Head?"). We must also stay with the truth and refuse to compromise our biblical values. We can also try to have an influence in our culture (Matt. 5:13-14). This song captures the intensity of what I think and feel; a gentle ballad just won't make it:

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