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Pop Culture Sexuality Propaganda and "The Good Doctor"

 by Cowboy Bob Sorensen While many propagandists use heavy-handed tactics such as concentration and repetition, harassment, appeal to ridicule, and so on, others are conniving sidewinders. In " Pop-culture Evolutionism ", Paul Price discussed how evolutionism is spread through popular culture. In a similar way, this is happening with sexuality. Credit: Pexels /  Marcos Flores Non-Christians easily follow trends in the world, but it's mighty difficult for Christians to resist floating downstream as well. Television, movies, music, performing artists, news media, sports stars, and others influence our way of thinking. People have been duped into thinking that the number of LGBTQ+ people is much larger than it really is, party because of how they are  presented on television . My wife and I watch  The Good Doctor , a program about an autistic surgeon and his struggles with the medical community. (An episode  inspired me to write an article .) It is made quite well and gets v